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Frankfurt Airport silent chairs
(photo courtesy of Frankfurt Airport)

Frankfurt Airport Introduces ‘Silent Chairs’ and Yoga Rooms

During the first month of 2016, we were thrilled to see a number of airports kick off the New Year by introducing features and services that make travel a little more comfortable. Frankfurt International Airport has stood out with the unveiling of silent chairs and two yoga rooms, which are FREE for passengers to use!

The airport’s new ‘silent chairs’ are like a day-version of the sleep pods we’ve seen crop up around the world. The transparent walls that surround the arch chairs reduce ambient noise for the person sitting inside. Integrated speakers that connect with smartphones, tablets and other digital devices allow you to play your own tunes without disrupting others. There is also a small table, power sockets and a USB port. These chairs tune out the unrelenting airport bustle, giving you a space to get a bit of work done – or simply relax. The chairs are located in Terminal 1 (opposite gates A58 and Z58) and Terminal 2 (gates D4 and E5), and the airport plans to add more in the future.

As a perfect complement to the chairs, the terminal has introduced two yoga rooms where travelers can unplug, stretch and unwind between flights. Both of the softly lit rooms are fully equipped with mats, blocks, cushions, pads and floor to ceiling windows. Monitor screens play instructional videos to music, and there are flyers available with exercise tips. Terminal 1’s studio is located between gates C14 and C16, while Terminal 2’s studio is between D1 and D4. Both rooms are open 24 hours a day.

Both of these additions are part of Frankfurt’s “Great to have you here!” quality service program. Over the past few months, this program has also launched free Wi-Fi and an app. The airport more broadly also provides services like leisure zones, shower rooms, a spa, a hairdresser, a flight simulator, a games area, a casino, and airport tours.

Frankfurt Airport Yoga Room
Photo courtesy of Frankfurt Airport

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