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Hypnos Hoodie - Sleeping

Hypnos Hoodie Has Inflatable Hood For Airport Power Naps

Imagine this: a luxuriously comfortable and good-looking hoodie, with a hidden inflatable pillow that perfectly supports your head. Though the concept sounds impossible, The Hypnos Hoodie might have just figured out the perfect airport outfit. They claim to have fused style, comfort, and practicality, in a way no sweatshirt ever has before. Could the days of bulky neck pillows and scrunched up jackets finally be over?

You may wonder just how this seemingly miraculous product works. The medium-weight cotton hoodie comes in a handful of basic colours in fitted and relaxed cuts. And, while at first glance you may mistake it for another hip and overpriced top, the magic is found in the stylishly oversized hood. Tucked inside a zippered pouch is an ergonomic (and discreet) inflatable pillow that will hug your head as you snooze. When you’re ready to sleep, you can inflate it in seconds to create a perfect pillow on the go. And when you’re through, the company claims that the deflated pillow is nearly unnoticeable.

Hypnos Hoodie sales are off to a rocking start so far. It far exceeded its Kickstarter goal of $30 000, raising over $300 00 in pre-sales, and it has gathered praise from the New York Times, GQ, Travel + Leisure and beyond. With the campaign closed, the next opportunity to buy this beauty will be on the company’s website in the coming months.

What do you think? Can this hoodie really “give the gift of sleep”? And, is it that gift worth an estimated $60?

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