Sleeping in Airports
(Photo courtesy of Trollaby)

Trollaby promises privacy to airport sleepers while they snooze

We’ve seen all types of gear promising to improve some part of air travel. Airport sleeping, however, remains quite basic in most airports: curl up on the floor, drape a coat over yourself, or contort your body around seats with armrests. The alternative is usually paying for an overpriced hotel for just a few short hours, something a lot of us can’t justify.

That’s why we’re intrigued by a new prototype that promises a bit of privacy for airport sleepers around the world.

Trollaby is a half-tent, propped up by your carry-on roller luggage on one end, open to your legs on the other end. When expanded, the tent is supported by aluminum tension rods and nylon straps, covering the top half of your body so you can rest away from the prying eyes of onlookers. Finished resting? Fold Trollaby into its flat, laptop-sized bag and slip it into your carry-on luggage.

A play on the words “trolley” and “lullaby”, Trollaby is lightweight, totalling 900 grams (just under two pounds, excluding mat). It’s light on the wallet, too: compared to one night in an average hotel, the Trollaby pays for itself in just one or two uses.

Trollaby can be set up with a standard wheeled carry-on luggage. (It isn’t clear, however, if Trollaby works with other non-wheeled carry-on bags.) Prop the tent directly on the ground, use your own blanket or yoga mat, or purchase Trollaby’s separate air mattress, which takes up more carry-on space.

Austrian designer Marc Brugger developed the Trollaby after years commuting to and from the Mediterranean on cheap flights that required overnight stays. While Trollaby is designed for airport use, at gates or in sleep-friendly areas, it could be used in other situations, too, like shade on a beach or overnight camping – if the weather and safety are right.

Dedicated airport sleepers who want to see this product succeed can back it on Kickstarter.

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