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Paris CDG Satellite 4
(photo courtesy of Aeroports Paris)

Paris CDG opens new Satellite

On June 28, Aéroports de Paris opened a new boarding Satellite at Terminal 2E – the S4. If you are flying with Air France or any of the Sky Team Airlines you will be able to enjoy this new 100,000 sq. m space dedicated to passengers flying on international flights.

The S4 offers passengers 6,000 sq. m. of boutiques, bars and restaurants and 25,000 sq. m. dedicated to the boarding lounges.  Nature has been brought indoors with water walls, wooden patios, plant walls, and trees.  A museum will be opening  in the future.

Best of all…. check out those comfy seats!  The airside seating in Terminal 2E  has always received more favourable reviews than the other terminals and satellites, but the ADP has really stepped it up a notch by offering these comfy loungers.

This new area looks amazing, but there may be a possible downside to the new satellite … and that is distance!  Tim on our Facebook page asks this about the new Satellite “Does this mean that instead of the usual 30 minute and 2 mile walk to the gates it, it will be even further?”  I’m not sure how long it takes to reach S4, but I haven’t read any complaints so far.  Good thing they have these loungers.  It seems the walk may be too much for some people, but judging by these photos it looks like the destination will be worth it!

If you’ve been to the new S4, tell us about it and be the first to write a review.

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  • Terminal 2E at CDG has three “halls” (K, L & M.) From which hall is the new boarding satellite, S4, accessed from? Does anyone have any experience on how to reach S4 from any of the terminal 2E “halls”?

  • Silly me!

    Having done a little more research, it appears that “Hall L”, in CDG terminal 2E, actually means “Satellite 3” (aka: “La Galerie Parisienne”) – and “Hall M” means “Satellite 4” – (begs the question as to the fates of satellites 1 and 2.)

    One would never have guessed this from the article or from many of the on-line CDG terminal maps. had the best maps.

    All in all, CDG is an airport firmly entrenched in the mindset of the early 20th century and should be avoided at all costs. Try to re-route through Amsterdam, if possible.