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Helsinki Airport Yoga
(photo courtesy of Helsinki Airport)

Pre-Flight Yoga at Helsinki Airport

Here’s another reason we love Helsinki Airport!

This month, Helsinki Airport became even more relaxing with the opening of a pre-flight yoga class pilot project. Over the course of June, passengers will be able to slip off their shoes and step into the Kainuu Relaxation Space near Gate 30. The ‘Yoga Gate’ is designed to mimic the Finnish outdoors, with mossy looking floors and forest murals, along with natural wood and stone accents. A 20-minute light practice incorporates a series of beginner postures, designed to unwind your body, relax your mind and even assist with jetlag! On June 13, the studio will also pilot a Pilates class, for those keen on a slightly greater physical challenge. Teachers will lead classes throughout the month; however, the room itself is open 24 hours a day for independent practice (and general relaxation/napping). With mats, bolsters and music, Helsinki’s space will certainly rival the permanent yoga classes held in San Francisco, Dallas Fort Worth and Chicago O’Hare international airports!

These yoga classes are the latest idea from TravelLab, a Helsinki airport initiative designed to enhance the overall travel experience. Having collected ideas from passengers throughout 2013, you can now look forward to the implementation of a series of pilot projects over the course of the summer! An existing ‘selfie-wall’ against famous national landmarks and pop-up Finnish restaurants are some of our favourite ideas that we’d love to check out. Has anyone been through Helsinki to see these projects in action? Anybody manage to catch a yoga class?!

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