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Jucy Snooze Christchurch
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Sleeping pods open at Christchurch Airport

Jucy Snooze is making Christchurch International Airport (CHC) a lot more accessible to those with early-morning departures or unplanned travel delays. The New Zealand-based hotel provider recently opened 271 ‘micro accommodations’ near the international hotel to help ease the long-term room shortage in the city.

Travellers in and out of Christchurch may be familiar with the airport’s confusing policies about catching some Z’s overnight. A few years ago, the airport officially banned overnight travellers from staying at the airport. Though some hotels are within a few minutes’ drive, they tend towards the higher cost for a short night of accommodation, something budget travellers may not be able to swing. More recently, we’ve heard about a designated sleeping room inside the airport that allowed overnight travellers for a small fee.

But the new Jucy Snooze pods are really upping the airport’s affordable hotel game. Pods have grown in popularity in the last few years, especially with business and casual travellers who often don’t need much space – just a bed, WiFi, and a washroom.

The Jucy Snooze Christchurch is located just a 10-minute walk from the international and domestic terminals, or you can opt for the free airport shuttle. You can also access the Christchurch city centre in just 20 minutes.

The hotel boasts a sleek, minimalist backpacker vibe with the pods, the hotel’s most affordable option, start at just $39 per night. These self-contained capsules feature a king-size single bed with privacy, bed linens, personal charging station and temperature control, free WiFi, a locker, and easy access to the shared bathrooms and common areas.

For those who prefer the modern feel but might not be travelling solo, Jucy Snooze also offers more traditional accommodations with ensuite bathrooms in queen, twin, and family sizes. Prices vary per room and are competitive for the Christchurch area.

The hotel’s conveniences extend beyond just amenities. The hotel is open for guests around the clock, offering flexible hourly rates for travellers who need to catch up on sleep between international flights. A smartphone app also allows travellers to check in and out without queuing at the front desk, an efficient move that the company’s CEO Tim Alpe says helps ensure customer satisfaction.

We can only imagine that Christchurch officials welcome the Jucy Snooze pods – with fewer overnight travellers looking to sleepover at the airport.

Article by Christina Kidd

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