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Europeans Admit to a New Sexy LAYover Activity

We’ve just learned of a new airport club that is surprisingly popular with European travelers. Joining is free, but you do need to sign up with another person. New membership seems to spike around the holidays, and pairs can join at any airport worldwide. The amenities and benefits are quite limited, and are offered in a “do-it-yourself” kind of way.

Any guesses what club this is? has recently released poll results that shares the growing popularity of the ‘Airport Club’ – a club of people who have had sexual encounters in terminals. The poll doesn’t state whether this club is now more readily joined than the ‘sister’ Mile High Club – but we’re willing to speculate it is certainly a bit more… convenient.

The poll revealed that 10% of Brits had joined the Airport Club. This however proved to be quite modest when the poll was expanded to the rest of the continent. 17% of Spaniards admitted to holding membership, as did 14% of Italians. Germans and French seem to be more modest – or perhaps just private – with only 8% and 3% respectively admitting to joining the club.

Curious about the logistics of signing up? 76% of respondents said they joined in airport toilets, while 21% opted for storage area or private rooms. 12% of respondents owned up to being caught by airport staff or unsuspecting travelers as they joined this unsanctioned airport club. Given that a third of members tied their membership to a ‘holiday spirit’, we can’t help but be a bit wary of walking into bathrooms as Christmas approaches…

Now, a number of individuals have expressed quite a bit of skepticism over the poll and the deduced results. Given that an alleged 2500 people had replied to the survey, we’re not sure this can be firmly called a European trend but… we’re curious. What do you think? And, do you dare admit that you’re a member?

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