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vilnius airport christmas tree
Vilnius Airport Christmas Tree (Photo courtesy of Lithuania Airports / December 2019)

How the World’s Quirkiest Christmas Tree Carries A Serious Message

It’s probably the most deadliest Christmas tree ever – and we’re not talking about its pine needles!

Lithuania’s Vilnius Airport has got into the festive spirit with a unique twist on their tree by adorning it with blades, lighters, knives, scissors and even bullets. Atop sits a star made out of cheese knives.

The unconventional 1.5-metre tall tree is made up of items confiscated from some of the five million passengers that flow through the airport annually.

The tree carries a subtle message for passengers: think twice about packing deadly weapons in hand luggage – unless they want them seized and put on next year’s Christmas tree.

A spokesman for Vilnius Airport said: “The aim is to send an educational message on the importance of aviation security.

“The items are prohibited to carry in hand luggage – knives, scissors, lighters, blades, and all sorts of other dangerous goods. So better beware of baggage requirements before you pack for your next flight.”

Lithuanian Airports declared the tree, which took two weeks to build “a truly unique educational masterpiece”. That might be debateable – but, at least, its Christmas message slices through the festive excess!

Photos courtesy of Lithuania Airports