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zzzleepandgo Bergamo Airport
(photo courtesy of zzzleepandgo)

Bergamo’s Best Beds! Are they enough to make the airport sleep-able?

Hooray …. another European airport has recently become a little more sleepable! This time, it’s Bergamo Orio el Serio airport – an airport popular with budget airlines and airport sleepers alike. With the introduction of ZZZleepandGo living pods, this terminal is now joining the likes that cater to the weary, this terminal is now joining the likes of of other terrible-turned-decent airports like Manila NAIA, Berlin Tegel and Hanoi.

In September, the airport installed three soundproof cubes, complete with free Wi-Fi, a flight status screen, plugs and a bed. Open 24 hours a day, they are marketed as a “low cost lounge” that can be reserved in advance through the ZZZleepandGo website or through their new handy app.  Given the airport’s notorious overnight crowds and lack of seating, this sounds like a definite upgrade!

Prices begin at €8 for an hour, with each subsequent hour costing €6/hour. For even further savings, guests can buy multi-visit packages of up to 12 visits a time, earning them up to 40% off regular prices.  Though pricey for a full night, rule-ish airport security guards forcing sleepers to move may just compel you to ready your credit card for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Our question to travelers is, if access to the Orio al Serio lounge costs €20 – 22 for a day, is this hourly rate for a bed worth while? Would you pay to escape the dirty and crowded floors of BGY?

zzzleepandgo Bergamo Airport Interior

Photos Courtesy of zzzleepandgo

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