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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Pros: Power points, seats have no dividers

    Cons: Noise!

    Generally a good night at the Airport. Seats did not have dividers so you can stretch out and sleep but it might be hard for light sleepers because Guangzhou Baiyun operates around the clock and arrivals were coming in even at 3AM.
    Apart from the noise, the airport is generally good for spending overnight BUT be there earlier because seats without dividers are limited!

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    Be Prepared



    Pros: Not sure

    Cons: Just about everything

    This is definitely the most boring airport I’ve ever been to – in hindsight, I wished I’d booked into the Pullman hotel. Very expensive but one suggestion – avoid the so called “food court” and check out the eating places nearer the departure gates. I found a Tsingtao beer drop from 50 yuan to 20, and meals from 75 to 40.

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    Guangzhou International Terminal



    The most horrible-degrading experience I have ever had at an airport! I had to finally try to sleep on the dirty floor, while all the surrounding benches/seats were off limits. No one could speak English. The security was rude and nasty. I NEVER want to visit China after this experience!

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    Airport facilities for economy class



    International Terminal – Having to wait 7 1/2 hours in Guangzhou airport was not an experience I wish to repeat. Despite website insisting there are comfortable lounges accessible to economy class customers there are definitely not….. apparently there was once but it's closed and none of the other lounges would let us even pay to go in. 20 minutes more and China Southern would have supplied us with accommodation…..they worked that out well! 16 hours into our journey home and we still have another 3+ hours to wait for final flight! Won't be flying this way again.

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    Not as bad as I expected



    Pros: A small, dedicated overnight stay area with long seats and free wifi

    Cons: All shops and lounges at the landside are closed at 9-11pm

    (Review by Ting) I had a 4am flight at Baiyun airport, but I needed to see off a family member for her flight at 11pm the previous day,so I ended up staying at the airport overnight. I first tried the airport lounges at the landside. The price was quite affordable, but the problem was that all lounges closed at 9.30pm, and they did not have shower facilities. I am not sure if the airside lounges would have been better, but anyways I couldn't check in and go through the security until 3 hours before the flight. There was a luggage deposit counter as well but it closed at 11.30pm. In the end I settled down at the overnight stay area at the restaurant level (I think B1. It was one level below the departure, right at the escalator near gate 11/12). The benches did not have armrests and were reasonably soft. They were already half-occupied at 8pm, mostly locals. The area was well lit and next to a security counter. It had decent free WiFi. I was able to connect with my oversea phone through Wechat (the Chinese version of Whatsapp). The WiFi instructions are all written in Mandarin, so I guess you would need some help if you cannot read in Chinese. The aircon was a little bit cold. I brought my thick hoodie and managed alright. I was able to sleep until 90 minutes before my flight despite the guy making a loud phone call next to me and later someone started watching a soap opera without a headset. I jumped up and ran to the check-in counter. The security queue took half an hour. I was just in time to catch my flight but had to run all the way. I saw some passengers passing the night in one of the cafes at the departure level as well. The cafe was closed but they were able to rest on the sofas. Overall it was much better than what I expected. The airport staff was helpful and even at 2am there was someone on duty. However, I did observe that they tended to be less friendly towards international travelers.

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