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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Information Guangzhou Airport experience



    Pros: Premium Lounge is great

    Cons: Information desk doesn't know anything

    I flew from Amsterdam to Guangzhou with an 7,5 hour layover with China Southern.

    Before traveling I tried to find information about showers and lounges that you could enter without a membership and found many contradicting information.

    I you transfer internationally there is a Premium Lounge that allows you to pay for a 3 hour entry, this lounge has food, drinks, showers and bathrooms, it was comfortable and has great working wifi. Other than the terrible wifi in the airport. I paid about 37€ for 3 hours, and then decided to pay again cause I wanted to stay another 2 hours, which was fine. It got a bit busier later during the day, in the morning it was empty.

    Side note: Before going up to the Premium lounge I asked the lady at the information desk about showers and/or lounges where you could pay for one visit. She told me there were NO showers and NO lounges that allowed that. Her desk was right next to the lounge I went to. So don't trust the people that work there, they either don't know or don't care.

    I flew from AMS – CAN and CAN – AKL, and another NZ Domestic flight with Air NZ.

    I was allowed 2 Checked baggage. Carry on was suppose to be 5KG one piece, but I had a Trolley which weighed more than 10KG and a small backpack, this was fine and It didn't get checked.

    Hope this helps someone.

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    Counting minutes



    Pros: Clean

    Cons: Nothing there

    Terminal A.

    The airport seems to be developing still so there is nothing there. If your looking for western food there is a BK and a McDonalds but you wont find them on the maps. The hourly lounge doesn't actually exist yet (under construction). It is very very large with lots of empty space and many many gates that are unused. The seats are only at the gates and are made of plastic, massage chairs are made for smaller body frames than the average westerner. Transit takes about an hour and you will receive a thorough pat down by security. Also dont take your time passing through security as they will yell at you if you take too long. They also make you pull out portable chargers and scissors and the thoroughly check them. Internet is available and free via the info kiosks, but it is Chinese filtered internet, so no google, no facebook, no snapchat etc. Bathrooms are clean and tidy- there is always a cleaner in there. Toilets are labelled on the door as "pedestal" and "pan" toilets. If your not used to squatting you will want a pedestal toilet. Water fountains are throughout the airport, but only give out "warm" and "Hot" water. This was generally at 30 degrees and 92 degrees Celsius. The only showers for an economy passenger are in the pay to enter lounge, which was 300RMB to enter for 3 hours. The terminal seems to almost exclusively be used by china southern airlines. If you have a layover longer than 8 hours with china southern, then use their free hotel and leave the airport. Avoid an airport layover of longer than 3 hours at all costs.

    Generally not a terrible airport, but boring AF

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    You won’t love to visit anymore



    Pros: it is a big airport. if you miss your flight, it is easy to find an alternative flight

    Cons: safety, corruption

    Due to many reasons, I have been to this airport for transit for more than 20 times. I want to share two of my flight experiences .
    1: I checked in and was waiting in the departure hall in front of immigration checkpoint. I went to washroom to wash my face for 30 seconds, and after I turned back, my bag disappeared. I reported to police station (about 500m away) immediately and told him that I was sitting in front of CCTV. Police officer denied my request to check CCTV recordings, and asked me to wait without even asking my contact. I talked to him twice but he did not ever step out of his room.
    2: I arrived at T2 at 3:00am due to a delay, and I was rushing to catch another flight at T1 at 03:55am. I ran for 10 mins with my luggage by following the transit signs, and ended up with a closed gate that I could not go through. There was nowhere that showed transit pathway was closed at that time. I had to ran back to the arrival hall at T2, and ran from there to the departure hall in T1. By 03:35am, I arrived at T1 departure security counter (20m away from immigration). I showed him the boarding pass, and he denied my entry. He asked me to go to another counter that is 100m away where he and his subordinate told me to give them RMB300 to get in. I was shocked, and I told him that my flight is about to end boarding. He made a call in front of me to let the flight gate open for boarding, after I surrendered all my cash to him and his man.

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    Much Improved New Terminal 2



    Pros: spacious, good seating, good signage

    China Southern moved away from the horrible T1 to a brand new T2 on May 19. Much reduced is the likelihood of overcrowded departure lounges and buses taking plane loads of passengers to aircraft across the other side of the airport. On my forward journey, wifi worked well in the domestic B gates but on my return, wifi was not working in the international A area. Hint: It was supposed to work using one of the self service kiosks – scan your passport for a login code, or login via Wechat, but neither worked.

    There is plenty of seating around spare departure gates and a range of food stores etc. Be prepared to walk long distances.
    Passengers arriving from a domestic flight and connecting to an international flight only need to negotiate Customs and Passport Control, there is no re-screening of carry on baggage

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    Not so bad



    Pros: Free wifi; McDonald’s w/kiosk

    Cons: Gates on ground floor requiring a bus to the airplane

    Mostly, I wanted to give a head’s up regarding wifi. It does not require a Chinese mobile number – as long as you have a WeChat account. So download and register before going to China. This also is useful at McDonalds and various other places that allow a wifi connection through the app.

    There also seems to be a new McDonalds in the domestic terminal, upstairs. I was doing CAN —> PDV —> LAX. This McDonalds has a kiosk to order food from, without requiring any knowledge of the Chinese language. Luckily, they accept Apple Pay. For Android useds, I’m not sure. AliPay, WeChat Pay…

    From what I saw, it was pretty clean. I would never guess it was ranked so poorly, and the important signs were in English. Bathroom, ticketing, subway, etc.

    As is common in Chinese airports, sometimes the gate is downstairs, which means you have to get on a bus and driven out to the airplane, which is really weird. It’s not a big deal, but I’m always disappointed when I see that my gate is in “the basement”, which is often.

    Oh, also, the last subway of the night is at 11:15pm. For a city of its size, I am surprised. L.A’s subway runs until after 1am.

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