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    The airport is a total sham, the facilities are completely broken or non existent, almost all the officials are out to extort and intimidate passengers. Air conditioning is very poor and very uncomfortable. The airport is a total disgrace, there no aspect of the airport that can get a pass mark!!

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    Avoid at all costs–and I do mean, all



    Pros: None

    Cons: Everything

    When I stepped off the plane in Lagos, I was greeted by an army officer demanding to see my "vaccination certificate". I told him I didn't need one, and was just here to change planes. He replied, "You're in Nigeria now". I stood there speechless as other passengers went past me, some waving pieces of paper at him. After a minute or so, he said, "Well, that will be a $20 fine." I paid the fine and went on. (Parenthetically, it turns out that visitors entering Nigeria from countries where yellow fever is endemic do need to show proof of vaccination, but no one else. And, in a bit of irony, I had been vaccinated for yellow fever (which provides lifetime protection) years ago.)

    I paid the “fine” and proceeded to the immigration desk. After filling out the landing card, I was told to “go stand over there.” An officer then proceeded to take my passport from me, as well as the passports from about a dozen other Americans. We all stood there for about 45 minutes. During that time, I called the after-hours number of my corporate travel agency and was told that this was common practice for airports without a sterile way to go from one gate to another.

    When we had all been collected, the officer took us up a flight of stairs and into the ticket lobby, where he told us to wait (“you’ve got plenty of time”, he said). After another 45 minutes or so, he came back and said, “OK, let’s go but there may be some trouble getting your boarding passes”. We told him that we already had our boarding passes. He frowned, and took us to the South African Airways counter where he proceeded to talk to an agent for about 20 minutes. We then marched over to the Emirates counter, where another 20 minutes passed, during which time he collected another passenger who was, I believe, Indian. We then went to the security screening area. That took about 30 minutes, during which time the officer with our passports disappeared. We went through the screening one at a time, each of us waiting on the sterile side for the rest of us to go through. Eventually the officer with our passports came back and said, “Now we’re going to my office.” We went up a flight of stairs and into a two-room office crawling with cockroaches. The officer gave us departure cards (which were the landing cards with the words “Arrival information” scratched out) and had us fill them out. Then he left the office, locking our passports in the inner room.

    After about 20 minutes, one of our group decided he’d had enough and went to a nearby airport lounge to complain. Soon thereafter a second, rotund officer came back, went into the inner office, came back out and left, saying, “He’ll be back soon. Don’t worry, you have plenty of time.” Eventually the first officer came back, saying, “I didn’t know you wanted to go to the lounges.” He disappeared into his office again for a few minutes, then called us in one by one. Inside, he took all of our “departure cards” and transferred the information into a big ledger. We were then allowed to leave with our passports, one by one.

    When we finally got on to the South African flight, about 3 and a half hours after landing, we were told by someone already on the flight that this could have been avoided had we paid the immigration officer a “fee” of around 100 euros.

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    Bring cash for shakedowns; dirty and hot transit lounge



    Terminal 1 – The two US passport holders on my Arik Air flight from Accra, myself included, were pulled aside by the immigration and customs people, our passports were taken and we were told we would have to spend the night in the hot, dirty transit lounge that had only hard plastic chairs. After paying the requested, "something for the weekend, madam," from the immigration officer, I was taken to Forex to change dollars for naira and paid 7,500ng ($20) each for both of us to stay in the air-conditioned Priority Pass lounge overnight (half the price quoted in dollars). Although we'd only checked into the lounge at midnight, we were kicked out of the lounge at daybreak (6am) and told to pay another $20 if we wanted to stay there during the day. The lounge 'concierge' told me there was only one towel available (not one for each of us–I expect this was another shakedown), there was no soap and the food was cold, greasy microwaved samosas of questionable sanitation. Because of repeated flight cancellations, I stayed (and paid) for two more days and another night in the dirty Priority Pass lounge. the rest of the terminal is also dirty and one of the public bathrooms had a sewage overflow while I was there. Another public bathroom appeared clean enough. I will NEVER fly through this airport again, no matter what crazy routing I must take to get to my work destinations in Africa.

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    Mosquito Nets & No Toilet Paper



    Pros: They have a small post office where I was able to buy some souvenir stamps

    Cons: An ugly place... No Air Conditioning. Dirty Restrooms.

    (Review by AirportLoungeLizard) Murtala Muhammed International -Don't ever travel with dawdlers. If your travel companion makes you late to the airport, you could be in for 2 nights of extreme airport suffering plus 400.00 charges each, in addition to the ticket price you already paid, for an airport change fee. Airport has no toilet paper– you pack your own to the restrooms or pay someone standing by with toilet paper for sale. The Women's restroom had standing water on the floors that my long dress swept in… And the airport's restroom doors do not lock but hang open. A worker did tell me of a cleaner restroom than the one I had been going to, which I appreciated, and a worker in that restroom told me I was pretty, which helped my spirits. The doors to the airport are open all night, letting malaria-causing mosquitoes in. I slept in my mosquito netting outfit and was terrified. I was starving so purchased a questionable club sandwich at the only restaurant stand which was open, and it tasted terrible, rotten. I was suspicious of it from the start, as it was not refrigerated. When I bought it the cashier said, 'Oh, we just turned off the lights, or I would have heated it for you.' I noticed its unpurchased companion was still out in the hot African heat the following evening. No wonder I got food poisoning! Nowhere to buy real coffee in this airport– all they had was the Nescafe crappy Instant with chunks of floating instant milk powder atop it. Yuck. We heard that the contractor hired to renovate this airport, Murtala Muhammed International, had promised to put in air conditioning, but skipped out without doing so. It was unbearably hot and humid and oppressive the whole 2 days we were stuck there, in the high 90s the whole time. My elderly travel companion almost passed out from the heat. He was scolded by airport personnel for pouring some bottled water over his head to cool off. I was scolded by airport personnel for sitting on a coffee table. I bought a yogurt drink at a fast food place that was grainy and nasty tasting. I had a doughnut that was not bad tasting, but I got the runs after eating it. My travel companion bought us some Probiotics at the airport pharmacy that helped somewhat. We ate at a restaurant that would never give us all our change we were owed. It had a fancy name like Zambizi, or some such and was on Level 3. They claimed they didn't have change in that denomination, so we went back a 3d time and demanded it, and they finally paid up. I ordered chicken fettucine there, but it was nearly too spicy to eat. The children's chicken fingers meals were burned, but at least they weren't too spicy to eat. We saw customs officers ask for bribes. The first night I slept on a baggage table, as did several other stranded passengers. The next night I did not secure a table in time and slept in a chair. The airport worker spread out a sheet so my traveling companion could sleep on the floor. My companion's skin had turned gray-looking, and I think everyone was worried about him, and I was sick with diarrhea. Our traveling companions went to stay with friends the 2d night, but we were afraid to go anywhere with them ever again, for fear they'd make us late to the airport again, and we'd have to stay there forever… We were also worried about getting in a wreck in Lagos's terrible traffic, if we went with them. A relief worker from Utah has lost her legs to amputation that very week because of a taxi accident she was involved in in Senegal. Not an experience we'd ever want to repeat. Moral of the Story: Never Travel with Friends Who are Irresponsible and Don't Get You to the Airport on Time to Make Your Flight

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    The most terrible airport on this world



    MMA – Every offical ask you for money. Don't tell them you have cash, otherwise, the custom offical will take you to the dark room. But if you give the money to the Nigerian Offical, you can bring anything on to the plane.

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