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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Santorini Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    Pros: 勉强可以带睡袋睡

    Cons: 没有椅子睡觉

    如果去出发大厅还好,没人管睡不睡,但是椅子有限可以坐着睡。 进入安检后的2楼小卖部阳台很多椅子

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    You can't overnight there



    (Guest Review by José) I arrived at the airport and asked if it's open at night. They told me that it isn't. So I had to book a hotel. The only flights that operates in this airport are to and from Athens. The only way you can reach the center of the city is by bus or taxi. Taxis are always available in front of the exit and it costs around €20 to get at the center. The bus €1,8 has really bad timetable, sometime you have to wait more than 2 hours. Overall the buses tend to arrive at the time of the flights arrived, so hurry and don't miss your bus.

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    Santorini Airport



    The airport is a chaotic overcrowded sweaty mosh pit with little to no staff to manage the crowds of travelers who are forced to wait outside in the exposed heat on the curb (which is still better than the stifling body heat of the packed chaos of inside). Flights generally take off 2 hours later than their scheduled departure time because there is not a enough staff to organize the crowds and get them checked in and through security in time, let alone anywhere to house them once they're through security. Aggressive or panicked passengers cut the long lines only add further delay by getting sent to the back of the line or getting through and clogging the gate while they wait for their later flight while others are trying to get through to security and board their flights that were supposed to take off hours ago. They are simply overbooking too many flights to the island for the size of the airport. For the popularity and fanciness of the Santorini, you'd expect a much nicer airport, let alone a functional airport. Arriving in Santorini is fine, but be warned if you plan to fly out during high season. It's a stressful experience. Next time, I'll plan to leave the island by ferry instead. Either a ferry to Athens or another island with a functional airport. "This is madness! No. This is Santorini Airporrrt!!"

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    Not The Best Place To Sleep



    Pros: Didn't get kicked out of airport

    Cons: Weren't allowed to move past security, got woken up twice, way too cold

    (Review by trollie45) Wouldn't recommend sleeping here. It's tiny, and they won't allow you to move to the upstairs terrace area, which has more room, until right before your flight. We tried it and got kicked out and moved downstairs, at which point we got kicked out again for being too close to the security scanners. It was crowded with a lot of sleeping people. Also, freezing cold and no chairs.

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