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Address: Abu Dhabi Airport, Terminal 1, Airside, Ground Level and Terminal 3, Airside, Arrivals and Transit Area | Telephone: +971 2 505 5737 (Terminal 1) and +971 2 505 6854 (Terminal 3) | Tripadvisor Reviews

About Aerotel Abu Dhabi Airport

The Aerotel – Abu Dhabi Airport is a modern 3-star transit hotel inside Abu Dhabi Airport. The hotel has two locations, one inside Terminal 1 and the other inside Terminal 3, though both are true transit hotels, so you must be a traveller in transit with access to either Terminal 1 or 3 to access the hotel rooms.

The rooms here are sleek and comfortable. The hotel’s specific amenities are mostly limited to the hotel rooms, but plenty of additional amenities, like restaurants, bars, and lounges, are available throughout the airport. The Aerotel may provide meal vouchers to the nearby, in-terminal Lounges at Al Reem and Al Dhabi that offer inclusive bars and buffets.


At Terminal 1’s hotel, travellers can choose from 3 types of rooms: a Solo Room (a single bed and shared bathroom), a Double Plus Room (2 single beds and private bathroom, sleep up to 2 people), or a Double Squared Room (2 double beds and private bathroom, sleeps up to 4 people). All rooms are also equipped with free WiFi, a desk and chair, and wake-up call service. Double rooms also have a flat-screen TV, free coffee and tea, and pillow options.

The hotel in Terminal 3 is less traditional, with only 1 type of room: the Double Lite Room. This compact room fits up to 2 travellers in 1-person bunk beds. Each room has free WiFi, various pillows, and wake-up call service. Bathrooms are not available here, but airport bathrooms and showers are located nearby. (These rooms are only available between 9:00 AM – 9:00PM, likely because few or no flights arrive to or depart from Terminal 3 during the night.)

Hotel Facilities & Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Flexible booking
  • Wake-up call service

Non-Guest Services

Non-guests can book shower-only packages at the Terminal 1 location, which includes toiletries and towels.

How do I get there?

The hotel in Terminal 1 is located inside Security, on the Ground Level of the International Departures area, next to the Al Dhabi Lounge. Do not exit the Secure area to reach this hotel.
The Terminal 3 location is inside Security in Terminal 3, on Level 2, in the Arrival Transit area.

Aerotel Abu Dhabi Room Rates and Traveller Reviews

In Terminal 1’s hotel, Solo Rooms start at $82 USD for your first 6 hours, with additional time running at $14 USD per hour. A 2-person Double Plus Room is $135 USD for 6 hours, and additional time at $16 USD per hour. A 4-person Double Squared Room is $203 USD for 6 hours, and $16 USD for each additional hour. Day room use is available in Double Plus Rooms only, for stays of 3 or 6 hours between 10:00AM – 8:00PM. Prices start at $47 USD for 3 hours and $93 USD for 6 hours. A shower-only package is $20 USD for 30 minutes.
In Terminal 3, rooms are only available between 9:00AM – 9:00PM (no overnight stays). Say use in the 2-person Double Lite Rooms start at $43 USD for 3 hours, and $11 USD for each additional hour.

To read traveller reviews and find the best room rates, visit the Aerotel’s Tripadvisor page


The Aerotel – Abu Dhabi Airport Hotel is located inside the airport’s secure zone. If you are transiting from international to international flight, you would not require a Visa to access the hotel. You must check your flights arrival and departure terminal information to ensure that you will have access to Terminals 1 and 3.

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