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Minute Suites
Atlanta Airport

minute suites atlanta airport

Address: ATL Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, 2 locations: Concourse T, Gate T8 and Concourse B, Gate B16
| Telephone: +1 (404) 762-7660 | Tripadvisor Reviews

About Minute Suites Atlanta Airport

Minute Suites is a unique room rental that is not a typical hotel room. There are 2 locations inside Atlanta Airport, at Terminals B and T. Rooms here are basic but well-appointed, perfect for a short nap or quiet time between flights. Additional amenities associated with the hotel are minimal but available throughout the airport at large.


Each location of Minute Suites offers 5 private suites. Each room has a daybed sofa with fresh pillows and blankets, workstation, a sound-masking system, high-def TV, WiFi, and flight tracking software. Bathrooms are shared, but shower facilities are not available inside either location of Minute Suites.

Hotel Facilities & Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • 24-hour reception
  • Flexible check-in and check-out

Non-Guest Services

There are no services available to non-guests.

How do I get there?

Minute Suites has two locations at Atlanta Airport, both of which are inside Security. In Concourse B, head to Gate B16. In Concourse T, Minute Suites is located next to Gate T8.

Minute Suites Atlanta Airport Room Rates and Traveller Reviews

Suites are available 24-hours in hourly increments, with 1-hour block the minimum, starting at $42. A 2-hour block is $84 and an overnight, 8-hour rate is $155. Rates apply for each 15-minute block, too. Discounts are available for military, pilots, and airline employees.


Minute Suites is located inside the airport’s secure zone, so you must be a ticketed passenger to access it. If you are transiting from international to international flight, you would not require a Visa to access the hotel. You must check your flights arrival and departure terminal information to ensure that you will have access to this terminal. You will not have access to your checked luggage.

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