Sleeping in Airports

Sleeping in Bergamo Airport

sleeping in bergamo airport
(photo courtesy of a guest reviewer / October 2022)

Are you waiting for your early morning flight out of Bergamo Airport? Would you rather save your euros for pizzas instead of a night at a nearby hotel before your early morning flight. This sleep guide will tell you all you need to know to spend a night sleeping at Bergamo Airport.

With useful tips and tricks from travellers who’ve been there, this guide is updated with the latest real-life experiences of sleeping at Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport.

If you have any tips or photos to share about your experience, please take a moment to write a review to help us keep this guide up-to-date.

Can You Sleep at Bergamo Airport Overnight?

We’ll be honest, according to many travellers reviews and experiences, Bergamo Airport doesn’t offer the highest quality of airport sleeping. If you’re not too fussy or only need a few hours of rest, you can rest on the airport floor for free. But expect to be surrounded by many other travellers, and don’t be shocked if you get poked awake by a cleaner with a broom.

The seating areas are few and far between. The seats you can find are metal, uncomfortable, and un-sleepable due to the armrests. But you will find plenty of fellow travellers setting up camp on the floor. If you do plan on joining them, bring a few extra layers of clothing or, even better, a sleeping mat or bag for a more comfortable rest.

Where is the best place to sleep in Bergamo Airport?

It’s reported that sleepy travellers have had the most luck in the landside/pre-security areas, specifically in the small passageway near the tourist information desk.

Some reviews have stated that the departures area closes between 12:00 am – 03:00 am when there are no flights. So you might be best to stay in the arrivals hall to guarantee some uninterrupted shut-eye.

Bergamo Airport guide
(photo courtesy of a guest reviewer / October 2019)

Are There Lounges at Bergamo Airport?

There are three lounges you can access at Bergamo Airport, all will be a peaceful retreat where you can hopefully enjoy a rest on a more comfortable chair.   None of the lounges offer sleep facilities. Also, none of the lounges in Bergamo Airport are open before 5:00 am, and they close at 10:00 pm.

All three lounges can be paid at the door. Find out more about lounge access and prices in our Bergamo Airport Guide.

Buy a Lounge Pass

Are There Showers Available at BGY?

There are showers available in the HelloSky Lounge at Bergamo, but they require an additional fee beyond the price of lounge access. Although, it might be worth it if you’re about to set off on a long haul or your airport nap has got you feeling rough.  No free public showers are available if you haven’t paid for lounge access.

What is Open 24 Hours?

The airport is open 24 hours, and luckily, if you can’t get some shut-eye, you can go to the 24-hour cafeteria that sells coffee and snacks in the pre-security area.

There are also charging stations available if you’re phone needs some juice. These cost €1 for 15 minutes. There are some plugs around the terminal building, but it can be tricky to find the ones that are working or not already in use.

You can also use the unlimited free wifi in the airport building. Simply connect to the “FreeLuna Social Wifi” network.

Are There Sleeping Pods Available at Bergamo Airport?

In the terminal’s public area, nine soundproof pods are available via ZZZleepandGo. You can rent one of these pods for €9 an hour or overnight for €61, and they come equipped with WiFi, a flight status screen, and electrical outlets. These are a convenient option if you have a lot of time to kill before your flight and don’t want to risk missing your early flight if you stay at a hotel.

zzzleepandgo Bergamo Airport
(photo courtesy of zzzleepandgo)

Are There Any Hotels Within Walking Distance at Bergamo Airport?

If you’ve given up on trying to sleep on the cold floor of the airport, you can head down the underground walkway towards NH Orio Al Serio hotel, just a 15-minute walk from Bergamo Airport.

There are a couple of other nearby hotels close to the airport that are accessible by airport shuttle.  See the hotel section in our Airport Guide for locations or visit Tripadvisor to find hotels deals at Bergamo Airport.

What Are Some Tips for Sleeping at Bergamo Airport Overnight?

Many travellers have shared tips to make sleeping at BGY Airport as comfortable as possible.

Top tips include:

  • Bring plenty of extra layers if you plan to spend the night here. The common sleep zones are in the arrivals hall, so you’ll be a bit more exposed to the elements, pair that with sleeping on the floor, and you might catch a chill. Big hoodies and maybe a blanket would be a welcome addition.
  • Don’t forget a pair of earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones. It can get a bit noisy here as there will be a lot of other travellers doing the same as you. Chatter from fellow airport dwellers and rumbles from the nighttime cleaning staff won’t make for the most restful night’s sleep.
  • Keep your shades on. The airport can be quite bright. We haven’t had specific complaints about the brightness, but always come prepared with something to cover your eyes, like an extra shirt or towel.

Read more of our tips for sleeping in airports.

Bergamo Airport sleepers
(photo courtesy of Min / April 2009)

Is it Safe to Sleep in BGY Airport?

At the time of this update, we have no reports from travellers commenting on safety issues at Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport. Although, it’s always best to keep your wits about you, and if you’re not feeling safe, have an extra cup of coffee and sleep on the plane!

As a precaution, here are a few tips to ensure you have a safe airport sleeping experience:

  • Know Where Security is Located. Whether you are sleeping in the airport alone or with friends, it is good to know where security is. Know where their office is located and look for video cameras where you decide to stay the night. Ask security where it is safe to spend the night. They’ve probably seen many airport sleepers before you, and they will direct you to a safe spot.
  • Don’t Seclude Yourself. If you are travelling alone, we recommend that you sleep near other travellers or close to security.
  • Hide Your Valuables. Don’t leave all your mobile devices out in plain view. We have received reports from people who woke up with only earphones and a laptop bag strap, but without the iPods or laptops that were attached. The same goes for important documents and money. Keep these secure on your body so no one can get them without waking you up.
  • Secure Your Bags. If you are a deep sleeper, you may want to padlock your bag to something. If your bags have zippers turn the bag upside down (zippers to the floor) or sleep with your bag up against the wall so that it would be hard for someone to access it.
  • Choose to Stay Alert. If you don’t feel safe, drink coffee, stay alert, and stay awake. You can always sleep on the plane!

Have You Slept at Bergamo Airport?

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