Singapore Changi Airport Guide

singapore changi airport guide

In this section you will find traveller airport reviews as well as our Singapore Changi Airport Guide with info on WiFi, lounges, facilities and services....and yes, even the names of some airport hotels in case you decide that sleeping in the airport is not for you!

We travel with three kids and it was amazing - endless entertainment for them, with feeding the kois, butterfly room, play areas, free internet. - ahendo

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singapore rest area
photo by Changi Airport Group

by simmoni
I arrived at T1 at about 1:30 a.m. & took a quick look around but since I was taking the train to the city I opted for T2. I walked from one end to the other, upstairs & downstairs & was disappointed at my options. The seats are all hard plastic, about 5 or 6 together but there's a huge gap between each seat so you can't lie across them! 

I finally decided my best option was at a restaurant upstairs where they had nice cushioned seats. I dragged 3 together and had a pretty decent night considering the constant noise of other travellers, cleaners, etc. and the lights being on. I did feel safe (single petite female), though and no one bothered me (security, etc.) so I stayed until about 9 a.m. when the announcements started and the restaurant next to where I was opened up.

Hopefully next time I won't arrive so late and will have a better opportunity to suss out places to sleep.

P.S. Bring a blanket or something to cover you. It's not Arctic but there is A/C on.

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Singapore Changi Airport Information

In this guide we may refer to locations as "landside" and "airside". Landside is the public area of the terminal located in the non-secure zone, before security. Airside is the secure area of the terminal that you must reach by going through security.

Airport Lounges

If you are an economy class traveller, you can enter these lounges at Singapore Changi airport either by purchasing a day pass or through a membership program. Visit the individual lounge page for more details (ie. facilities, hours, pass and membership information):

  • Skyview Lounge - Location: Terminal 1, Airside, Mezzannine Level, near Gates D30 and D40. Showers are available. Hours: open 24 hours. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door • Book Online (£25) • Priority Pass.
  • Plaza Premium - Location: Terminal 1, Airside, Level 3, Departure/Transit Lounge West. Showers are available. Hours: open 24 hours. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door • Priority Pass.
  • The Green Market - Location: Terminal 2, Airside, Transit Mall South, Level 3. Hours: 6:00AM - 1:00AM. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door • Book Online (£25) • Priority Pass.
  • Ambassador Transit Lounge - Location: Terminal 2, Airside, Departure Transit Lounge, Mezzannine Level (Level 3). Showers are available. Hours: open 24 hours. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door • Book Online (£20) • Priority Pass.
  • Ambassador Transit Lounge - Location: Terminal 3, North Transit Mall, Mezzanine (Level 3). Showers are available. Hours: open 24 hours. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door • Book Online (£20) • Priority Pass.
  • Rainforest Lounge - Location: Terminal 1, Airside, Transit Mall West, Level 3, near gate C1. Showers are available. Hours: open 24 hours. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door
  • The Haven by JetQuay - Location: Terminal 3, Landside, Arrivals. Showers and Nap rooms are available. Hours: open 24 hours. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door (from S$20) • Book Online (£22) • Priority Pass.
  • Airport Wellness Oasis - Location: Terminal 1, Airside, near Gate D41. Hours: open 24 hours. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door • Book Online (£28) • Priority Pass.

Additionally there are Rest Areas located in the terminals that are available to all travellers for free.  The rest areas have specially designed "snooze chairs", which are leather chairs with head and leg rests.  These can be found:

  • Terminal 1 - Central Window Isles, Transit Mall West, Level 2
  • Terminal 1 - Central Window Isles, Transit Mall East, Level 2
  • Terminal 2 - Sanctuary - opposite Gate E5, Transit Mall North, Level 2
  • Terminal 2 - Oasis Lounge - beside Gate E11, Transit Mall North, Level 2
  • Terminal 3 - near Hard Rock Cafe, Transit Mall North, Level 2
  • Terminal 3 - near Global Tax Refund, Transit Mall South, Level 2

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Airport Hotels

If sleeping in Singapore Airport does not appeal to you, there are hotels inside and near the airport:

  • Ambassador Transit Hotel - Terminal 1 - Transit Mall East, Level 3.
  • Ambassador Transit Hotel - Terminal 2 - Transit Mall South, Level 3.
  • Ambassador Transit Hotel - Terminal 3 - Transit Mall North, Mezzanine, Level 3.
    The Ambassador Transit Hotel offers day rooms in 6-hour blocks. To access the transit hotels, DO NOT PASS THROUGH CUSTOMS. Check-in baggage cannot be collected for stay.
  • Crowne Plaza - Located next to Terminal 3 near the SkyTrain waiting area. Access from Terminal 3 via covered walkway and link bridge, or Terminal 1 via SkyTrain. Day use rooms are available from 11am to 7pm.
  • Airport Transit Hotel - Opening in September 2015. Location: Terminal 1, Airside, Level 3.

To find a cheap room, there is a list of hotels near Changi Airport on Tripadvisor that can be sorted by price.

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Airport WiFi / Internet

  • Free WiFi is available at Singapore Changi airport. To access the Free WiFi (up to 1Mbps) connect to the "Wireless@SG" network.
  • A faster WiFi connection (up to 2Mbps) is available through Starhub Premium WiFi Services. Connect to the "Starhub" network and dial *9434 (*WIFI) to get your password.
  • There are more than 500 internet stations available throughout the airport

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More Services, Facilities & Things To Do On A Layover At The Airport


There are ATMs located airside and landside in all terminals. Open 24 hours.

Baggage Storage & Lockers

Hours: 24 hours. Rates: from $ 1.07 - 8.56 (first 24 hours) | $2.14 - 10.70 (subsequent 24 hours)

  • Terminal 1 - Airside: Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2 • Level 3 (in front of Saboten restaurant).
  • Terminal 2 - Airside: Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2 • Landside: Arrival Hall North, Level 1.
  • Terminal 3 - Airside: Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2 • Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2 • Departure Transit Lounge Central, Level 2 • Landside: Arrivals Hall Central (Level 1)

Children's Play Areas

There are four play areas for children ages 1-12. Locations: Terminal 1, Departure Transit Lounge West, Level 3 • Terminal 2 (temporarily closed, as of Sept 2014) • Terminal 3, Departure Transit Lounge Central, Level 2, beside SATS Special Service Lounge • Terminal 3, Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2, outside holdroom A16-A20.

The Canopy playground is the first forest-themed indoor playground in the airport. Ages: 18 months to 12 years. Location: Terminal 1, Viewing Mall, Level 3. Hours: 10am - 1030pm. Rate: $6 for every 30 minutes.

City Tour of Singapore

If you are in transit and have 5 hours before your connecting flight, book a free 2-hour city tour of Singapore. Check to see if you will require a Visa to leave the transit area. There are two tours: Heritage and City Lights. The Heritage Tour you will see the the Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Sands, the Esplanade, Colonial District, Chinatown, Little India, the Central Business District, and stop at Merlion Park for 15 minutes. Tour Departures: 9:00am, 11:30am, 2:30pm, 4:00pm. The City Lights Tour takes visitors on a night sightseeing tour of Singapore. You will see the Raffles Hotel, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Bugis Village and stop at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade for 15 minutes. Tours depart: 6:30pm.. The Free Singapore Tour booths are located at:

  • Terminal 2 - near the escalators, North Arrival Immigration and skytrain station at Transit Mall North, Level 2, Hours: 0700-1500.
  • Terminal 3 - next to Transfer Lounge B, Travel Mall North, Level 2

Additionally, there are tour desks located in the Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 Arrivals Halls where you can book more city sightseeing options with cost.

Currency Exchange

There are 24 hour foreign exchange counters located airside and landside in Terminals 1, 2, 3.

Customer Service / Information Desks

Available airside and landside in all terminals.

Family Services

Parents travelling with young children will find 24 Baby Care Rooms spread out through the three terminals, which the majority located in Terminal 3. The rooms are equipped with hot water and privacy to attend yto your baby.

Food / Dining

The following convenience stores and food concessions are open 24 hours per day:

  • Terminal 1: 7-Eleven (Departure Transit Lounge West, Level 2) • Cheers (Carpark Link Tunnel, Public Area)
  • Terminal 2: 7-Eleven (Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 3) • Cheers (Departure Check-in Hall, Public Area)
  • Terminal 3: Cheers (Arrival Hall, Level 1, Public Area) • Cheers (Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 3)

Entertainment & Things To Do

Aviation Gallery - A multi-sensory zone with hands-on interactive displays that will be interesting for young and old. One of the displays consists of 600 miniature aircraft hanging from the ceiling to give visitors an idea of the number of flights that Changi handles every day. From the viewing gallery you can see aircraft on the tarmac. Location: Terminal 3, landside. Rate: Free.

Asian Icon Interactive Art Station - Explore, touch and smell mystery objects and have your photo taken with a larger than life Asian culture porcelain. Location: Terminal 2, Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2, next to the Skytrain.

The Entertainment Deck offers people in transit the opportunity to: spin songs and create mixes at the Jam Studio,  play free video games at the XBox Kinect and XBox360/Playstation rooms, listen to relaxing music while sitting in a comfortable seat with built in speakers, watch music videos at the MTV Booth, watch great movies in the Movie Theatre.  All for free! Location: Terminal 2, Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3, beside the Sunflower Garden.

3D Experience Zone - Check out the latest 3D content and games. There are large format display screens, 3D TV, free Internet surfing kiosks, 3D gaming stations, custom built-in speaker seats, and more.

Zonex - Arcade games for children of all ages. Location: Terminal 3, Landside. Hours: 10am - 11pm.

The Slide at T3 - The world's tallest slide is located at Changi airport. Location: Terminal 3, Arrival Hall (Level 1), Public Area. Hours: 12pm - 1030pm

Movie Theatre
Catch a movie in between flights.  All movies are free.  The theatres in terminals 2 and 3 are said to be the best places to relax. Open 24 hours.

  • Terminal 1 - next to food gallery, Transit Mall East, Level 3
  • Terminal 2 - near the Sunflower Garden, Transit Mall South, Level 3
  • Terminal 3 - near the Ambassador Transit Lounge, Transit Mall North, Level 3

Live Music
Live acoutic performances are held at the O'Leary Sportsbar & Grill (Terminal 2, Departure Transit Lounge - Central, Level 2, Hours: 7.00pm to 10.00pm) and Singapore Straits Bar (Terminal 3, Departure Transit Lounge (North), Level 2,
Hours: 6.00pm to 9.00pm

Social Tree - In 2013, Changi introduced the "Social Tree", a new interactive attraction that gives travellers the opportunity to share their photo and video memories instantly and then retrieve them on future visits to the airport.

Wood Block Rubbing Station - Woodblock rubbing was a popular Singapore artform in the 50s and 60s. Make your own print. Locations: Terminal 3, Basement and Transit Area.


  • Terminal 1 - Cactus Garden - rooftop garden has over 40 species of cacti. (Transit Mall, Level 3)
  • Terminal 2 - Bamboo Garden / Strip (Transit Mall, Level 2)
  • Terminal 2 - Fern Garden & Koi Pond (Transit Mall, Level 2)
  • Terminal 2 - Orchid Garden & Koi Pond - this garden exhibits rare orchids and their hybrids. (Transit Mall, Level 2)
  • Terminal 2 - Sunflower & Light Garden - you will find over 500 bright yellow flowers on this rooftop garden. (Transit Mall, Level 3)
  • Terminal 2 - Enchanted Garden - an interactive garden that comes to life with light and sound. (Transit Mall, Level 2)
  • Terminal 3 - Butterfly Garden - gain insight into the life cycle of a butterfly in this popular garden. (Transit Mall, Level 2)

Mobile Charging

Changi Airport currently offers over 880 mobile charging points throughout the airport.

Prayer Rooms

  • Terminal 1 - Airside (Below Gate Holdroom C1 at Arrival Hall West)
  • Terminal 2 - Airside (Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2, near Gate E, behind Aldo)
  • Terminal 3 - Airside (Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2, behind Mont Blanc)

Rest Areas

If you are just passing through the airport for a few hours and don't need to get a room at the transit hotel for quick nap there are 6 rest and relaxation areas that offer offer special snooze chairs. I've added the locations to the airport lounge section above.


  • Terminal 1 - Rainforest Lounge (Transit Mall West, Level 3)
  • Terminal 1 - Fish Spa & Reflexology (Gate 41, behind Starbucks)
  • Terminal 1 - Swimming Pool (Transit Mall East, Level 3)
  • Terminal 2 - Plaza Premium Lounge (Transit Mall South, Level 3)
  • Terminal 3 - Ambassador Transit Lounge (Transit Mall, Level 3)

Swimming Pool

Travellers staying at the Ambassador Hotel (see hotel section above) have free access to the pool.  Non-guests can use the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and shower facilities for a fee of S$14.  Located at Terminal 1, near the Transit Hotel (Transit Mall East, Level 3).  Hours of operation: 0700-2300 Daily.

Smoking Areas

  • Terminal 1 - Airside: Departure Transit Lounge West (Level 3 - Cactus Garden and Level 2 - Outdoor Deck). Departure Transit Lounge East (Level 2 - near Gate D36 and Level 2 - near Gate C16)
  • Terminal 2 - Airside: Departure Transit Lounge North (2 locations on Level 2 - one next to Harry’s Bar opposite the Children’s Play Area and the other is behind the Sunglass Hut. On Level 3, the smoking area is located in the Sunflower Garden)
  • Terminal 3 - Airside: Departure Transit Lounge North (Level 2, next to Singapore Straits Bar), Departure Transit Lounge South (two locations on Level 2, one next to Tiger Signature Lounge and the other is in the Outdoor Garden Terrace), Departure Transit Lounge (Level 2, Outdoor Smoking Area, opposite gate B10 and Level 2, Outdoor Smoking Area, opposite gate B10. On Level 3, there is an Outdoor Smoking Area, next to Silver Kris Lounge).

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Airport Hours

The airport is open 24 hours.

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Airport Transportation: Getting To/From The Airport

Ground Transport Desk

The airport offers a dedicated Ground Transport Desk, a 24-hour counter to handle all passengers’ transportation requests and queries. Located in each terminals' arrival hall, the desk offers a shuttle bus (S$9 per adult/S$6 per child below 12 years of age) to most hotels; a 4-seater vehicle (S$55 per trip to destinations in Singapore) or a 7-seater carrier (S$60 per trip to destinations in Singapore). A journey to the city centre can take 25 minutes, while estimated waiting time for shuttles vary between 15 minutes at peak hours and 30 at non-peak times.

Car Rentals

Car rental counters are available at all arrival halls and are open from 7am-11pm. Car rental companies include:

  • Terminal 1: Avis • Budget
  • Terminal 2: Avis • Budget • Hertz
  • Terminal 3: Avis • Budget • Hertz


To the city: Use public bus service 36. Operational between 6am-11pm. A single fare costs below $2 (exact change) and takes about an hour, with bus stops located at the basement bus bays of Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

To the airport: Public buses stop at Terminals 1, 2 and 3. A single fare from city via public bus service 36 costs $2.


A new service, Transtar Cross Border Service (TS1) operated by Transtar Travel, operates between Changi Airport and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The service starts at coach stands at Terminals 1, 2, 3 and end at Larkin Terminal. One-way fares from Changi Airport to Johor Bahru are S$10 for adults and S$5 for children. From Johor Bahru, adults pay RM10, while children pay RM5. The first bus leaves the airport for Johor Bahru at 8.15am, with the first bus leaving Johor Bahru for Changi Airport at 6.45am. Last departures are 11.15pm and 9.00pm respectively.


To the city: Passengers should transfer to the west bound train at Tanah Merah train station. The last train service leaving Changi Airport station which would allow a transfer to the last west bound train at Tanah Merah station is at 11.18pm. 

To the airport: Passengers need to transfer to the east bound train at Tanah Merah station. The first train arriving at Changi Airport station is at 5.26am (Mon-Sat) and at 5.54am on Sundays/public holidays. For more details:


To the city: You can hail a cab from taxi stands at the arrival halls of each terminal. A journey to the city (30 minutes) costs between $18-$38. Fares are metered. There are additional airport surcharges for all trips originating from the airport: $5 airport surcharge from 5pm-12am (Fridays-Sundays); $3 airport surcharge at all other times and a midnight surcharge of 50% of final metered fare from 12am-6am (daily).

To the airport: Taxis can be hailed on the street or booked through your hotel.

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Airport Transportation: Getting Around

The 3 terminals at Singapore Changi Airport are inter-linked by Skytrains. The Skytrains operate both at the transit and public areas.  Hours of operation: every 1-4 minutes between the hours 0500-0230.  Fare: free

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Singapore Travel Resources

  • Tripadvisor - search Singapore hotel deals, check availability and read traveller reviews.

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