Taipei Taoyuan Airport Guide

taipei taoyuan airport guide

In this section you will find traveller airport reviews as well as our Taipei Airport Guide with info on WiFi, lounges, facilities and services....and yes, even the names of some airport hotels in case you decide that sleeping in the airport is not for you!

the best place to lay-over is the Transit Lounge located in terminal 2
- San

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taipei taoyuan airport
Children's Play Area

by Ol Thunder
I spent last night in Taipei Airport's Terminal 1 and really enjoyed it. I got in from Tokyo-Narita at about 8pm and checked in for my flight out the next morning right away, so I missed out on the showers and the tours...definitely wish I would have waited!

The airport was a great place to sleep, though. I know a lot of people have mentioned it's cold, but I wore shorts and a t-shirt and didn't have much trouble. There are huge couches everywhere; I'm 6' 8' and fit without a problem. I took a few hour's nap on one and then spent the rest of the night in the Christian (represent!) prayer room - you can turn off the lights, shut the door, and (I think) set the temperature to your liking. Everything shuts down around 11pm and opens at 6, so it's really quiet.

I hit up the massage chairs too and was very pleased. Get the tokens from the information kiosk before you go marching down the D row or you'll have to march all the way back if you want a massage. 20 minutes and it almost felt like a bit much.

Power can be hard to find, but I noticed a nice little spot on a pillar behind the museum on the 2nd floor that would probably be a great sleep/recharge spot. Also, the only working WiFi I found was on the 1st floor between the museum and the hotel. I think it was from one of the airline clubs.

All in all, this was a great night. Highly recommend it.

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Taipei Taiyuan Airport Information

In this guide we may refer to locations as "landside" and "airside". Landside is the public area of the terminal located in the non-secure zone, before security. Airside is the secure area of the terminal that you must reach by going through security.

Airport Lounges

If you are an economy class traveller, you can enter these lounges at Taipei Taoyuan airport either by purchasing a day pass or through a membership program. Visit the individual lounge page for more details (ie. facilities, hours, pass and membership information):

Additionally, there are airline lounges that require Elite Status/First or Business Class tickets for entry:

  • Cathay Pacific Airways - Terminal 1, Airside, 4th floor Departure Hall. Hours: 4am - 8pm
  • TransAsia Airways and Thai Airways - Terminal 1, Airside, 4th floor. Hours: Opens 2 hours before first flight departure and closes 30 minutes before the last flight.
  • China Airlines - Terminal 1, Airside, 4th floor Departure Hall (hours: 530am - 1130pm) • Terminal 2, Airside, central area on 2nd floor (hours: 6am - 10pm)
  • Japan Airlines - Terminal 2, Airside, central area on 3rd floor. Hours: 6am - 1130pm
  • Eva Airlines - Terminal 2, Airside, east side of Departure Transit Lounge, 4th Floor. Hours: open 24 hours
  • Singapore Airlines - Terminal 2, Airside, west side of Departure Transit Lounge at 4th Floor. Hours: 530am - 12am

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Airport WiFi / Internet

Free WiFi is available at Taipei Taoyuan Airport.

  • Terminal 1 - there are 3 areas airside with internet facilities.
    • 1st floor, in the north end of the departures hall
    • North Departure corridors
    • South Departure corridors
  • Terminal 2 - WiFi is available at 2F in Mila Coffee

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Airport Hotels

If sleeping in Taipei Airport does not appeal to you, there are hotels inside and near the airport:

  • Evergreen Transit Hotel - Located within the Departure Transit Lounge, 4th floor (airside) of Terminal 2. This hotel is for guests transiting between international flights. DO NOT CLEAR CUSTOMS. Day rooms are available.
  • Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport - (5 min from the airport) Free roundtrip airport shuttle to/from Terminals 1 and 2 runs every 30 minutes from 6am to 11:30pm.
  • City Suites Gateway - (3 min from the airport) No airport shuttle.

To find a cheap room, there is a list of hotel deals in Taipei on Tripadvisor that can be sorted by price.

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More Services, Facilities & Things To Do On A Layover At The Airport

  • Art Gallery - Location: Terminal 2
  • ATMs / Cash Machines - Information not available
  • AV Center - there is a small theatre where they show licenced movies all day. Location: Terminal 1, 2F, Airside, Zones A & B
  • Children's Play Area - Locations: Terminal 1 (Airside, central area of the 3rd floor Departure Hall) • Terminal 2 (Landside, on the north side of the 1st floor) • Terminal 2 (Airside, 3rd floor, boarding concourse D) • Terminal 2 (Airside, south side of the 3rd floor in boarding concourse C - this location is Hello Kitty themed). Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Cloud-based Reading Services - Computers, wireless internet and comfortable seats are available to catch up with emails while you wait for your flights. Locations: Terminal 1, 2F, Airside, Zones A & B
  • Cultural Activities - The Cultural Experience Area gives visitors the opportunity to experience traditional art and cultural during their time in the airport. Receive a free zodiac souvenir card and, learn calligraphy and draw on round Chinese traditional fans and paper umbrellas. Location: Terminal 2, Gate D3. Here are a few more cultural activities that are available: Taiwan Tea Tasting Area (Terminal 2, Departure Concourse) • Pili Puppet Legend Gallery (Terminal 2, Gate D7) • San Cai Tang - Taiwan Craft Shop (Terminal 2, Gate D6) •
  • Currency Exchange - There are banks offering foreign exchange services (landside and airside).
  • Food & Drinks - At the time of this guide update, the only 24-hour food or beverage outlet is the 7-Eleven located in Terminal 2, Food Court on B2.
  • Information Desk - Information not available
  • Library - As part of the airport's themed lounges, the e-library is co-planned with the National Museum of Taiwan Literature. Here you will find books, tablet computers, e-books and mobile charging stations. Access: free.
  • Luggage Storage & Lockers - There are two left luggage offices: Terminal 1 (on 1F, in the Customs Inspection lounge, Arrivals) • Terminal 2 (on 1F, in the Customs Inspection lounge, Arrivals). Rates: start at NT$200
  • Massages - Locations: Terminal 1, 2F, Zones A & B
  • Mobile Charging - Information not available
  • National Museum of History - Exhibitions and displays from the National Museum of History can be found at Terminal 1 ( on the South Departure Corridors) and Terminal 2 (3rd floor Departure Hall, north side • 3rd floor Departure Hall, south side). Hours: 8am - 6pm
  • National Palace - Exhibitions and displays from the National Palace can be found at Terminal 1 (north Departure Corridors) and Terminal 2 (Airside, 3rd floor, in the Departure Corridor • Airside, 4th floor). Hours: 9am - 5pm
  • Prayer Rooms - There are Christian, Buddhist and Islamic prayer rooms. Locations: Terminal 1 (Airside, Boarding Concourse) • Terminal 1 (Airside, Boarding Area) • Terminal 2 (Christianity - Airside, 3rd floor, north side of the boarding concourse and 3rd floor, south side of the boarding concourse) • Terminal 2 (Buddhism - Airside, 3rd floor, south side of the boarding concourse) • Terminal 2 (Islam - Airside, 3rd floor, south side of the boarding concourse). Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Rest Zones - you can find reclining lounge style chairs at various gates inside the terminal. At the Scenic Zone, they have padded reclining chairs. Location: Terminals 1 & 2, 3F, Airside.
  • Showers - Location: Terminal 1 (Arrivals Hall North, 3rd Floor) • Terminal 2 (Baggage Claim, next to the carousel 6). Hours: open 24 hours. Rate: Free
  • Smoking - There are four Smoking rooms located airside: Terminal 1 (3rd floor, south corridor • 3rd floor, north corridor) and Terminal 2 (3rd floor, central area • 3rd floor, central area). Hours: open 24 hours.
  • Themed Waiting Lounges - There are themed lounges such as the cute Hello Kitty Wonderland lounge (C3, the "e-Library Lounge" is where you can read a book while you wait (C5), sample some local tea at the "Unforgettable Yummy" lounge (C6), write a postcard at the "Postal Waiting Lounge (C7). Access: free

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Airport Hours

The airport is open 24 hours.

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Quick Tips

Airport Transportation: Getting To/From The Airport


Several local bus lines access the airport, picking up passengers from bus zones at Terminal 1 (B1 Arrivals) or Terminal 2 (northeast arcade of 1st floor Arrivals). Bus tickets are sold at counters in the bus pick up zones.

The airport offers a shuttle bus service connecting it with Novotel Hotel and THSR Station, a train station on Taiwan’s high speed railway network. Buses run in 5 - 10 minute intervals during peak times, and total trip time is 25 minutes. Fares start at NT$15 and up. Tickets can be purchased at UBUS service counters in the Arrivals Lobbies of Terminals 1 and 2, and on the bus platform at THSR Station.

Car Rental

Ching Bing Auto Leasing offers both self-drive and chauffeur-driven vehicles for hire, and is located on the west side of Terminal 1 Arrivals Lobby on the 1st floor (6:00AM - 1:30AM). Hotai Auto Leasing, located on the west side of the 1st floor at Terminal 2 Arrivals Lobby, offers self-drive and chauffeur-driven vehicles for hire as well.

Hotel Shuttle

Some area hotels provide courtesy airport shuttle service for their guests. Ask your hotel about shuttle service details and availability.

Inter-Terminal Transportation

SkyTrain is a free automated train service that runs between the two terminals. Trains operate from 6:00AM - 12:00AM, departing in 2 - 4 minute intervals during peak hours (or 4 - 8 minutes off-peak). After hours, SkyTrain is available on-call by pressing the “Night Time Train” button at the platform.

The airport offers a free shuttle bus service between the two terminals. Buses operate from 5:00AM - 1:10AM in 10 - 30 minute intervals, depending on the volume of flight arrivals and departures throughout the day.


Taxis are readily available 24 hours a day at the west side of Terminals 1 and 2 Arrivals Lobby. All taxis servicing the airport are metered and undergo a strict evaluation by the Aviation Police Office before being permitted to serve the airport.

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