Worst Airports in the South Pacific 2016

Date: October 15, 2016

Comforts, cleanliness and any semblance of organization may be hard to find at the terminals that were voted as the Worst Airports in the South Pacific. Complaints begin with the unpleasantries offered up when passing through security/immigration and end with uncomfortable seating while awaiting departing flights. Sad dining options don’t help these airports’ cases nor do the crowds and lack of crowd control. Best of luck moving through these airports, as they’re often necessary evils required to reach some sensational destinations!

  1. Jacksons (Port Moresby) International Airport, Papua New Guinea (POM)
  2. Melbourne Avalon Airport, Australia (AVV)
  3. Nadi International Airport, Fiji (NAN)
  4. Darwin International Airport, Australia (DRW)
  5. Perth International Airport, Australia (PER)

It’s not all bad in the region - read on to learn about the best airports in the South Pacific!

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