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go sleep abu dhabi airport
Go Sleep Pods at Abu Dhabi Airport

Abu Dhabi Airport GoSleep Pods Turn From Chairs To Beds For Sleepy Travellers

You’ll be a just like a pea in a pod when you need to get sleep at Abu Dhabi International Airport. That’s because this airport has just launched “GoSleep” Sleeping Pods for weary travellers passing through.

Being touted as a “world first,” the GoSleep pods are state-of-the-art chairs that transform into a private flat bed. Ten have already been set up at Abu Dhabi International Airport, with 35 more on the way. These pods come with a partial or fully enclosed sliding shade that keeps out the noise and light.  Soon, the chairs will feature with Internet access, secure storage for luggage and other valuables, and charging stations. If you’re at the airport and want to rent one, it’ll cost you $12 an hour.

We find the rates a little expensive, but if you’re in need of a couple of hours of much-needed sleep or just want to escape from the noise and hustle and bustle, it will definitely be cheaper than a hotel room in this pricy city. They only fit one person, so the GoSleep Pods are best for individual travellers – families and randy couples that are looking for a little airport nookie are out of luck.

As well, we wonder about the mechanics of these pods. What happens if something malfunctions and you’re stuck in there? If they are sound-proof (they keep the noise of the airport out, after all), nobody will know that you’re yelling for help. And what if you oversleep? What these pods need are built-in alarm clocks. What are your thoughts on the GoSleep Pods? Would you spend the cash to sleep in one or is it a waste of money? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Article by Amy Tokic

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