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Flight Passengers’ Take On Harlem Shake Could Mean Trouble For Airline

The Harlem Shake meme is taking over the Internet. And now, after a plane full of people got in on the craze, it could put an airline into some hot water with the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to the LA Times, the FAA is less than impressed with Frontier Airlines after a video of passengers doing the popular dance was posted on YouTube. The idea came from the Ultimate Frisbee team of Colorado College. They brought their costumes with them and got approval from everyone else on the plane. They even checked with flight attendants and filmed the video once the seat belt sign was off.

And Frontier Airlines insists no rules were broken. A spokeswoman for Frontier Airlines says “all safety measures were followed.” The videotaping is a bit shaky, but that could be from the person filming, not turbulence from the plane.

Watch the video below – it looks like everyone is having a good time (especially the guy in the banana costume). On most flights, all you can expect is to watch an in-flight movie, not be a part of it. We think that as long as safety isn’t an issue, there’s no harm in making a meme. What do you think?

Article by Amy Tokic

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