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Frozen Airline poop

Holy Crap! Frozen Airplane Poop Crashes Through British Woman’s Roof

You know you’re in for a really crappy day when a pile of frozen poop from an airplane crashes through your roof and wreaks your home.

Last Saturday at 7 a.m., Brit Caroline Guy thought she was being burglarized when she heard a loud crash. Imagine her surprise when she saw chunks of brown and yellow ice scattered throughout her caravan (trailer) and an 18-inch hole in her roof and floor.

To preserve the evidence (hey, someone has to pay for the damage), Guy stored the airplane waste in her freezer… wrapped up in a plastic bag, of course. Frozen poop has been known to fall from the sky, but accidents (tee hee) are few and far between. They occur from a leak that thaws and breaks off from the outside of the plane when it makes it decent.

What would you do if a frozen chunk of poo crashed through your home? Who would you call first? Do you think your insurance company would believe you? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Article by Amy Tokic


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