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Delta Airlines: stranded passengers pizza party

Delta Hosts Pizza Party for Passengers Stuck On Tarmac

It really sucks being stuck on a plane that’s not going anywhere. Sitting for hours on the tarmac, not knowing when you’re going to take off. It can make you pretty angry. And Delta Air Lines knows this – that’s why they decided to throw a pizza party for passengers who were waiting on the tarmac for three hours.

Taking customer service up a notch, a Delta employee ordered 60 pizzas from Pizza Hut for delayed passengers on an Atlanta-bound flight that had been diverted to Knoxville Airport. Passengers were surprised when a police car with its lights flashing pulled up to the plane with the special delivery.

We think this is a great way to appease passengers and a really awesome gesture. Plus, it makes for some good PR. While there was no beer to go with the pizza, that didn’t stop a few passengers from asking.

Hopefully that police officer received a good tip for his delivery.

Article by Amy Tokic

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