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Oops Moment

7 Incredible Airport Worker Oops Moments

Who amongst us hasn’t screwed up at work in a way they’d dearly like to forget? Come on, be honest. Perhaps you’ve hit ‘reply all’ to an office email with the opinion that a co-worker is an asshole. Or maybe...

7 Ways To Get Banned From Flying

7 Ways To Get Banned From Flying

In January 2016, a woman’s drunk and disorderly behaviour caused her Jet2 aircraft to divert to Ireland. The 42-year old was fined $10,000, and the airline banned her for life, in line with a zero tolerance policy...

Delta Airlines: stranded passengers pizza party

Delta Hosts Pizza Party for Passengers Stuck On Tarmac

It really sucks being stuck on a plane that’s not going anywhere. Sitting for hours on the tarmac, not knowing when you’re going to take off. It can make you pretty angry. And Delta Air Lines knows this – that’s why...