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Finnair Sauna
(photo courtesy of Finnair)

Finnair To Offer Unisex Sauna At Helsinki Airport Lounge

Helsinki, you’ve done it again! Last month, we reported on the airport’s yoga pilot project and this month, we’re here to tell you about unisex saunas! This is the latest Nordic touch to this unique and innovative airport, enabling passengers to experience another wonder of Finnish culture without actually clearing customs. The sauna is located in the Finnair Lounge, which can be accessed by members, business class travelers, or travelers with a daily pass.

If you didn’t know – Fins take their saunas seriously: there is roughly one sauna for every three people in the country! At major businesses, you are likely to find corporate saunas in the office, and both the President and Prime Minister have their own official saunas. Historically, saunas were used as a logical way for washing when you didn’t have access to hot water, and some even used them as a prime child-birthing location! In terms of etiquette, these are customarily a nude experience. However, Finnair has added an international ‘twist’ by recommending the presence of a towel, according to CNN.  When you leave the sauna, you would typically roll in the snow or jump in the lake, however the lounge has graciously provided showers.

This sauna is slated to open in August 2014, when the overhaul of the existing Finnair Lounge is complete. Members of both the new elite Premium Lounge – reserved for Plus Gold and Platinum members – and the general Finnair Lounge will have access. If you are not traveling business class, you can still live large by purchasing a day pass to this swanky lounge for a mere €48. In that price, you will also get loads of snacks, meals, alcohol and complementary cosmetics in a chic and modern environment.

If you can’t justify the price, here’s hoping that economy-style saunas will open in the not-so-distant future. Otherwise, head into the city where you’re bound to find plenty of other saunas for a more digestible price.

What do you think? Is this the latest genius idea – or is nudity with strangers a step to far?

Photos courtesy of Finnair

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