Sleeping in Airports

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JFK Airport: Cocaine diapers

Women Caught at JFK Airport Wearing Cocaine Diapers

When it comes to airplane dress code, some people prefer to wear yoga pants and flip flops for a comfy flight. Others, however, prefer to slip into diapers packed full of cocaine. We realize that more of you go for the...

Rome Fiumicino Airport: xray

Sleeping Passenger Goes Through Airport X-ray

Well, this airport adventure is a little different than most. The internet is abuzz over a recent report that a Norwegian tourist was caught passed out sleeping on a moving baggage belt at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport...

US Airways crossdresser

Man flys US Airways in bra and panties

A man who flies US Airways wearing women’s undergarments says that he does so to make business travel more fun.  Well, that is certainly one way, I suppose. The 65-year-old Phoenix man works as a business...