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JFK Airport: Cocaine diapers
JFK Airport: Cocaine diapers (photo credit: unknown)

Women Caught at JFK Airport Wearing Cocaine Diapers

When it comes to airplane dress code, some people prefer to wear yoga pants and flip flops for a comfy flight. Others, however, prefer to slip into diapers packed full of cocaine. We realize that more of you go for the first option, which is why when someone opts to go with the second – and gets caught – it’s bound to make the headlines.

After returning from a trip Dominican Republic, two women were stopped at JFK International Airport for a routine check. A drug-sniffing dog smelled something on Michelle Blassingale and Priscilla Pena, so custom agents checked their luggage. But that’s not where the drugs were. During a pat-down, the custom agents found the ladies sporting duct tape “diapers” made up of 6.5 kilos of cocaine. That’s quite the load!

The women’s diapers were constructed from black girdles and duct tape (is there anything you can’t do with duct tape?). The diapers contained pellets of cocaine that according to Blassingale, were given to them by “an unknown male in the Dominican Republic.” Why did they do it? They were promised $9,000 and $10,000 for smuggling the coke into the country.

Pena was released on $150,000 bond, but Blassingale is still in custody. There’s no word how long they’ll spend in prison if convicted, but chances are they’ll have to do some hard time for all that junk in their trunks.

Article by Amy Tokic

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