Sleeping in Airports
Rome Fiumicino Airport: xray
A sleeping traveller went through the baggage X-ray at Rome Fiumicino Airport (photo credit: La Repubblica)

Sleeping Passenger Goes Through Airport X-ray

Well, this airport adventure is a little different than most.

The internet is abuzz over a recent report that a Norwegian tourist was caught passed out sleeping on a moving baggage belt at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport.

The unidentified 36 year-old man reportedly arrived at the airport drunk as a skunk with nothing but a backpack and a beer in his hand.  In desperate need of a comfortable place to nap before the ticket counters opened (a challenge faced by many airport sleepers at Fiumicino), he climbed over one of the desks and fell asleep on the baggage belt that takes bags to the planes.

When the belt started to move, he travelled for 15 minutes curled up in the fetal position before shocked security officials noticed a human figure on the x-ray monitor.  Police were called in to investigate, but the more challenging task seemed to be awakening this airport sleeper from his drunk slumber.

The man was later taken to hospital due to concerns over the powerful xray exposure and now faces charges in relation to the incident.

I think it is safe to say that he missed his early morning flight to Oslo.

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