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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Jeju Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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    First part



    Pros: Can be acsess by various transportation

    Cons: Looks like airport doesn't encourage travelers to sleep in the airport

    (Review by Mio) Hi! Maybe this is initial review until now. I read in the other blogs that said this airort will be closed at 10.30pm, but now its been 11.00 pm and no one force me to leave the building but who knows the rest of the night. Wifi service is quite bad as its not serve a free-Wifi in lower ground. On the other hand, the security of the airport is very safe and undeniable of their efficiency of doing the job. 7-11 closes at 10.00pm

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    Closed at night



    Set up with a blanket on benches in domestic departures. At around 11 pm guards told us the airport closed at night and that we needed to leave. Found cheap hotel close.

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    Closes a little after midnight!



    International Terminal – I learned this the hard way. The VERY hard way. I was only in Jeju for one night, so I thought it would be much more convenient to stay at the airport since I had a morning flight. I was all settled in with Netflix when an airport worker came up and said the dreaded words, "Airport closed. Go." It was about 12:45am. I had no Korean money (all the ATMs were shut down when I arrived at 9:30pm!), no hotel, there were no more taxis, and I spoke no Korean. So I spent 4 hours waiting outside the airport in the middle of the night until it opened at 5am. That's the main reason for the poor rating. Otherwise, it's small but comfortable. There is a Dunkin Donuts (although you need Korean money). The wifi connection is poor. The duty free shopping is phenomenal. That's one of the main reasons a lot of people come to Jeju. Make sure to take advantage of it, but plan ahead and comparison shop, for sure.

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