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Tokyo Haneda Airport Guide

Whether you have a layover, overnight sleepover or you are just quickly passing through, our Tokyo Haneda Airport Guide is a great place to start planning your visit.  Here, you’ll find information on services and facilities available inside the airport – including details about airport lounges, WiFi, mobile charging points, lockers, 24-hour food options, nearby hotels, and everything in between.

[security] made me fill in a form to be able to sleep on the bench for free. – Daniel

Airport Overview

To help you plan your layover or overnight sleepover, here is a quick run-down of what travellers have reported to us during their time at Tokyo Haneda Airport.

What to Expect

  • The airport is divided into 3 terminals, T1, T2, and International Terminal. T1 and T2 house all the domestic flights and are connected by an underground walkway. A free shuttle bus connects all 3 terminals landside.
  • This airport is sleep-friendly with many modern Japanese conveniences, including clean facilities, lots of charging spots, and decent sleeping areas. Staff and security generally don’t mind overnight guests.
  • Travellers report feeling very safe at Haneda.
  • Many eateries are available 24-hours in this busy airport. See Food & Drink in our airport guide below for locations.
  • Free WiFi is available. See WiFi information in the airport guide below.
  • Showers are available for a fee. See Showers in the airport guide below for locations.
  • Economy class travellers can buy entry to several airport lounges. See Airport Lounges in the airport guide below for locations and rates.

Where to Sleep

  • Plenty of couches and benches with and without armrests throughout the airport.
  • Lots of carpeted areas as well.
  • Lights are turned down at night.
  • Travellers have used the benches near the restaurants after they closed.
  • Security staff will check on your passports/tickets at night but it’s very routine.
  • For uninterrupted sleep, there are sleep cabins inside the airport, a hotel connected to the airport and several nearby hotels. See Airport Hotels in the airport guide below.

In this guide we may refer to locations as “landside” and “airside”. Landside is the public area of the terminal located in the non-secure zone, before security. Airside is the secure area of the terminal that you must reach by going through security.

Pay-per-use, Single Visit Passes & Lounge Memberships

Regardless of what class of service you are flying, there is a lounge that you can enter by paying at the door. Visit the individual lounge page for more details about the lounge itself and to also find out how you can gain lounge access with just an economy class ticket!

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If sleeping in Tokyo Haneda Airport does not appeal to you, there are hotels near the airport:

At Airport Royal Park Hotel The Haneda – Directly connected to the International Terminal. The hotel has a transit floor that is accessible only within the secure area of the terminal. In addition to hotel rooms you can also book a Refresh Room (TV, sofa and shower) to freshen up. Which ever you choose the rates include free access to the Transit Lounge (drinks, food, magazines). [ Check Rates ]

At Airport First Cabin Tokyo Haneda – A budget capsule hotel with rooms that resemble airplane cabins. Rooms are one-person only, no en-suite bathrooms. Located in Domestic Terminal 1 on the Arrivals Floor 1F (landside). Rates are available baes on short stay at varying times throughout the day, starting at 800 YEN. If you need to get to the travel between terminals you can use the free shuttle bus or the free monorail (passport and ticket required). [ Check Rates ]

Near Airport Haneda Excel Hotel – (3 mins from the airport) Located at Domestic Terminal 2 (landside), direct access from the departure lobby. A monorail is available for transfers. 3 minutesDay rooms are available for 3, 6 or 8 hours. [ Check Rates ]

Near Airport Hotel JAL City Haneda – (10 minutes from Haneda Airport). A free airport shuttle bus is available 4:00AM – 11:30PM. [ Check Rates ]

To see more options there is a list of hotels near hotels near Tokyo Haneda Airport on Tripadvisor that can be sorted by price, distance, traveller rating and popularity.

Free WiFi is available at Tokyo Haneda Airport. Connect to the “HANEDA-FREE-WIFI” network. Registration with name and valid email address is required. A paid service is available for those who need secure, high-speed WiFi.

Coin-operated computers with internet access are available in the @Stations. Fee: ¥100/10 min (100-yen coins accepted) Locations: T1, landside, B1F, Keikyu & Tokyo Monorail • T1, landside, 1F, Arrival Lobby • T1, landside and airside, 2F, Departure Lobby • T2, landside, 2F, Departure Lobby • T2, 3F (North) and 4F (North Pier).

Business Services

  • Business Center – Color copiers and coin-operated pc’s with internet access are available. Location: T2, airside, 2F, near Gates 65-66.
  • Computer Workstations – Use your own laptop comfortably at a PC User Space. Location: T1, landside, airside, 2F, in gated areas • T2, airside, 2F, Gate Lounge South (inside Business Support) • T2, landside, 3F, Airport Lobby Lounge • T2, airside, 4F, North Pier Airport Lounge.


  • Cell Phone Rental – Rent cell phones, WiFi routers, data cards and more at one of several telecommunications companies located landside in the International Terminal 2F (Arrivals Lobby) and 3F (Departures Lobby), and also at NTT Docomo in T1, landside, 1F, Marketplace Hours: Most kiosks are open daily from 6:30AM – 11:00PM.
  • Post Office – Location: T1, 1F Marketplace Hours: 9:00AM – 5:00PM Mon-Fri (closed Sat,Sun and holidays) Foreign currency exchange and an ATM are also available here, open daily (hours vary).
  • WiFi – see “Airport WiFi/Internet” above.

Family Services

  • Baby Care Facilities – Baby chairs, washbasins, hot water dispensers and private nursing booths (women/baby only) are available in the airport nurseries. Locations:
    • International Terminal: landside, 1F, Entrance Plaza • airside, 1F, Gates 131-139 • landside, 2F, Arrival Lobby • airside, 2F, Gates 141-144, Gates 147-148 • landside, 3F, Departure Lobby • airside, 3F, Gates 105-108, 112-114, 145-146 • landside, 4F, Edo Ko-Ji • landside, 5F, Tokyo Pop Town
    • Terminal 1: Six nurseries are located on 1F/Arrival Lobby (landside) and nine nurseries are located on 2F/Departure Lobby (landside and airside).
    • Terminal 2: Seven nurseries are located on 1F/Arrival Lobby (landside), nine on 2F/Departure Lobby (landside and airside), and one each on 3F and 4F. Airport restrooms have multi-purpose toilet areas equipped with baby change tables and a small urinal for little boys. If you need a stroller, you can rent one from any information counter.
  • Children’s Play Area – Soft and colorful play areas are available in these airside locations:
    • International Terminal: One each near Gates 106 and 146
    • Terminal 1: Three in 2F/Departure Lobby (North and South Wing)
    • Terminal 2: Three in 2F/Departure Lobby (North Pier, South Pier and center)
  • Kids’ Lounge – A bright and colorful Rody-themed restaurant featuring three zones: a kid-friendly cafe, a toy/gift shop, and a play area featuring Rody-brand toys and the world’s largest Rody slide. For those of you who are wondering, Rody is a cute little Italian cartoon horse! Location: T1, 2F, Lobby South Hours: 9:00AM – 6:30PM.

Food & Drinks

  • Food & Drinks – Food concessions throughout the airport operate with varying schedules. These options are open 24 hours in the International Terminal:
    • Arrivals Area, 2F (landside): Tully’s Coffee
    • Edo Ko-Ji (landside): Cafe Cardinal • Mos Cafe • saryo ITOEN •Suginoko • WA- Cafeteria • Yoshinoya
    • Entrance Plaza (landside): Lawson’s convenience market
    • 3F (airside): Bar Rage (Gates 112-114) • Beer Club Verre Tokyo (Gates 109-111) • Dom Pierre Jet (Gates 112-114) • Jinroku Anti (Gates 112-114) • Pound-Ya (Gates 112-114) • Rokurinsha (Gates 112-114) • True Soup (Gates 112-114) • Uogashi Nihon-Ichi (Gates 112-114)
    • Terminal 2: Travelers in Terminal 2 can dine at the casual and convenient Automat Gourmet 24, a restaurant consisting solely of vending machines and a seating area. Hot and cold meals, snacks, bento, rice balls, and hot and cold beverages are dispensed from these vending machines. Location: T2, 1F Lobby Hours: Open 24 hours.


  • Information Desk – Five information counters are available in the International Terminal. Look for the ? symbol. Locations: landside, 1F, Entrance Plaza • landside, 2F, Arrival Lobby • landside, 3F, Departure Lobby • airside, 3F, near gates 111-112 (two counters). “Concierges” in jade-colored clothing staff the counters and also stand independently in the lobby, readily available to assist travelers in need. Terminal 1 has an Information Center on 1F in the Marketplace, open from 5:00AM – 1:00AM. Terminal 2 has six information counters. Locations: landside, 1F, Lobby North • landside, 1F, Lobby South • landside, 2F, Lobby North • landside, 2F, Lobby South • landside, B1F, Lobby North • landside, B1F, Lobby South.


  • Baggage Carts – Need a hand with your luggage? Baggage carts are available free of charge throughout the airport, connector trains, parking lots, etc.
  • Luggage Storage & Lockers – Enjoy some hands-free time by storing your luggage at the airport!
    • International Terminal: Rates are ¥300 – ¥800 per bag/per day, depending on size, and ¥200 per day for coats. Maximum storage period is two weeks. Some oversized or odd-shaped items may not be accepted. Coin-operated lockers also available in both locations with rates ranging from ¥300 – ¥500 per bag/per day. Two locations: International Terminal, landside, 2F, Arrival Lobby • International Terminal, landside, 3F, Departure Lobby Access. Hours: 24 hours a day.
    • Terminals 1 and 2: Rates are ¥300 – ¥900 per bag/per day, depending on size, and ¥300 per day for coats. Locations: T1, B1F, Lobby South • T2, B1F, Lobby Hours: 6:00AM – 10:30PM.
    • Luggage can also be stored, up to 7 days, in the coin-operated lockers for ¥300 per day for a small locker, or ¥500 per day for a large locker. T1 has ten locations throughout B1F, 1F, and 2F while T2 has seven locations throughout B1F, 1F, and 2F.
  • Luggage Wrapping – Protect your valuables with this valuable service! Rates are ¥1,000 – ¥2,000 per bag, depending on the size. Location: landside, 3F, Departure Lobby Access Hall.

Medical Services

  • Medical Services – Urgent and emergency medical care is available at the following locations: Toho University Haneda Airport International Terminal Clinic. Location: T2, 1F Terminal Lobby: Hours: 9:00AM – 10:00PM (closed from 1:00PM – 2:00PM, reception until 9:30PM) • Tokyo International Airport Clinic Location: T1, 1F Marketplace Hours: 9:00AM – 12:00PM and 1:00PM – 5:00PM • Emergency dental services are handled at the Terminal Dental Clinic Location: T1, 1F Marketplace Hours: 9:00AM – 12:30PM and 2:00PM – 6:30PM.
  • Pharmacy – Locations: Airport Drug – T1, 2F, Lobby North (Hours: 5:45AM – 8:30PM) • Airport Drug – T2, B1F3, Lobby (Hours: 7:30AM – 8:00PM).

Mobile Charging

  • Mobile Charging – International terminal passengers can charge their mobile devices in comfort at an @TIAT Station. Massage chairs, PC desks and vending machines are available for your comfort and convenience. Locations: landside and airside in the International Terminal – 1F (Entrance Plaza and Gates 131-139), 2F (Arrival Lobby and Gates 141-144 / 147-148), 3F (Departure Lobby and Gates 105-108, 112-114, 109-111, and 145-146), and 5F (Tokyo Pop Town). Standalone mobile charging stations are available airside only on 2F in Terminals 1 and 2. Information counters in Terminals 1 and 2 (on 2F and B1F) offer a free mobile charging service as well.


  • ATMs / Cash Machines – Need cash? ATMs are available. Fees may apply, so be sure to check your bank’s fee schedule and your daily withdrawal limit if you are travelling internationally. You may also want to notify your bank of your travel plans. Locations: throughout the airport. 24-hour ATMs are available in the International Terminal in these locations: landside, 2F, Arrival Lobby (Prestia/SMBC Trust Bank and Seven Bank) • landside, 3F, Departure Lobby (Sumitomo Mitsui Bank and Resona Bank) • airside, 3F, Gates 109-111 and Gates 112-114 (Mizuho Bank).
  • Banking Services – Mizuho Bank offers full-service banking, currency exchange and an ATM. Locations: International Terminal, landside, 1F, Entrance Plaza • T1, 1F Marketplace Hours: 9:00AM – 3:00PM Weekdays only (closed Sat,Sun and public holidays).
  • Currency Exchange – There are a few locations that can assist you with currency exchange, they operate on varying schedules. Locations: Mizuho Bank, T1, 1F, Market Place (Hours: 9:00AM – 3:00PM) • Haneda Airport Post Office, T1, 1F, Market Place (Hours: 9:00AM – 6:00PM) • Travelex, T1, 1F, Market Place (Hours: 9:00AM – 7:00PM) • SBJ Bank offers currency exchange in Terminal 2, 1F Lobby (Hours: 9:00AM – 7:00PM).


  • Pet Hotel – For small dogs, cats and other pets. Reservation required. Hourly stays and grooming/trimming service also available. Location: Check-in is in the International Terminal Parking Area P4 (1F), but pets stay in T1, 2F, North Wing.


  • Prayer Room – A pre-prayer washing facility is available in the prayer room. Location: International Terminal, landside, 3F, Departure Lobby Hours: unknown.

Rest & Relaxation


  • Duty Free & Shopping – A wide variety of duty-free and retail shops are available.

Showers, Salon & Spa

  • Barber Shop – Airport Barber offers express service. Location: T1, landside, 1F, Marketplace Hours: 9:00AM – 6:00PM (open until 5:00PM on Sundays and holidays).
  • Showers – Freshen up after a long flight in the airport showers. You can rent one of fifteen shower cubicles for ¥1,030 per 30 minutes, per person, and ¥520 per additional 15 minutes. Fee includes a drink coupon. Towels, body soap, shampoo, conditioner and hair dryer are provided. Razors, toothbrush and other toiletries are available for purchase. Location: International Terminal, landside, 2F, Arrivals Lobby Hours: Open 24 hours.
  • Spa & Salon Services – Reflexology and massage are available at Raffine Refreshment Salon. Location: Grand Raffine at T1, 3F, Terminal Lobby North (Hours: 9:00AM – 8:00PM) • Petite Raffine at T2, airside, 3F, Gate Lounge North (Hours: 10:00AM – 8:00PM) Relaxation and healing is offered at Seiyo-kan in T2, 3F, Lobby (Hours: 9:00AM – 8:30PM) • Temomin at T2, 1F, Lobby (Hours: 10:00AM – 8:00PM). Hair styling/coloring, mani/pedi, scalp massage and other services are available at Hair Dresser by atelier haruka. Location: T1, landside, 1F, Lobby North (Hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM – reservations given priority) • Family haircare is offered at QB House. Location: T2, landside, 1F, Lobby (Hours: 10:00AM – 9:00PM – last appt at 8:00PM) • Airport Barber at T1, 1F, Market Place (Hours: 9:00AM – 6:00PM, note closes at 5:00PM on Sundays and holidays).
  • Massages – Raffine Refreshment Salon offers treatments including reflexology. Location: Landside, 4th floor. Hours: unknown.


  • Smoking – Smoking is allowed in designated smoking rooms found throughout the airport. In addition to the smoking rooms, you can also smoke and order a drink in the Cafe & Smoking Lounge. Location: T2, 3rd Floor, North Pier. Hours: 6:00AM – 8:30PM.

Things to do & see

  • Art in the Airport – Art exhibitions, with a focus on the history of Japan, are featured in a lounge-like setting with plush seating at the Discovery Museum. Location: T2, 3F, Lobby Hours: 11:00AM – 6:30PM (Mon-Fri) • 10:00AM – 6:30PM (weekends and holidays).
  • Haneda Airport Memorial Stamp – A cool little reminder of your journey, receive a souvenir rubber-stamped paper, or have them stamp your own paper or item. Locations: The information counters in T1, 2F, Lobby North and Lobby South • T2, 2F, Lobby North and Lobby South. Fee: unknown.
  • Japanese Shrine – Pray at the airport’s shinto shrine. Location: T1, 1F Marketplace. All are welcome, but if you prefer a non-denominational area to pray in, see Prayer Room listing below.
  • Juveniland Tokyo – Find out what playtime was like before video games were invented! Toy history, memories and nostalgia are on display through an exhibit of antique and vintage toys and more, including a Kitahara Collection Airport Gallery. You can even play with some of the toys! Location: T1, 3F Marketplace.
  • Observation Deck – International terminal passengers can head to Tokyo Pop Town, where there is also a dedicated moon viewing platform. Location: landside, 5F. Terminal 1 has observation decks on 6F and the rooftop. Sky Station serves food and beer at the observation deck on 6F. Terminal 2 passengers can enjoy a meal on the observation deck on 5F, at the West Park Cafe Sky Fountain, or dine indoors with a view of the observation deck from Castelmola or Scenic Cafe MMC. A few other restaurants offer dining with views of the tarmac. Observation decks are open from 6:30AM – 10:00PM.
  • TIAT Sky Road – Aviation-themed panels and model airplanes are on display in the TIAT Sky Road, a corridor that links Tokyo Pop Town, Festival Plaza and the observation decks on 5F. Try your hand at piloting an aircraft in a flight simulator! Rate: unknown.

Other Airport Services & Facilities

  • Laundry – A convenient service for passengers departing and returning to this airport, you can leave your dirty laundry here and pick up your clean laundry upon return (minimum of 4 days). Locations: T1, B1F, Lobby South and North • T2, B1F, Lobby Hours: 9:00AM – 6:00PM.
  • Shoe Shine & Repair – Shoeshine Location: T1, landside, B1F, Lobby North and Lobby South and T2, landside, B1F, Lobby Hours: 9:00AM – 7:00PM • Mister Minit shoe repair/key duplication Location: T1, landside, B1F, Lobby North Hours: 9:00AM – 7:00PM (closed between 1:00PM-2:00PM and 4:00PM-4:30PM) • Riat! Shoe repair/key duplication/watch batteries Location: T2, landside, B1F, Lobby Hours: 9:00AM – 7:00PM.

The International Terminal is open 24 hours. Terminals 1 and 2 are open from 5:00AM – 12:00AM.

As of March 2018, Tokyo Haneda airport is served by the following airlines: Japan Airlines • ANA • Sky Airlines • Air Do • Lufthansa • American Airlines • China Airlines • Cathay Pacific • Qatar Airways • China Southern • Singapore Airlines • Air Canada • Garuda Indonesia • Air France • Asiana Airlines • Vietnam Airlines • Emirates • Korean Air • Air New Zealand • Delta • Qantas • Hainan Airlines • Thai Airways • China Eastern • Tianjin Airlines • Air China • EVA Air • United Airlines • Philippines Airlines • British Airways.

The Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal has two lines that connect the airport to Tokyo city lines and the heart of the city: the Keikyu Line from the underground and The Tokyo Monorail line from the International Terminal Station. For a route map and schedule, visit the Haneda Airport web site.

Japaren • Mazda • Nippon • Nissan • Toyota. Locations: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 on 1F (landside).

Haneda Airport is connected to various locations throughout the Kanto region using the airport buses. Find a ticket reservation counter or a ticket vending machine for schedules and to purchase your ticket. Tickets should be purchased before boarding.

Taxi stands are located in the curbside area on the 1st floor. To catch a departing flight, make your way to the third floor. If you are meeting an arriving passenger, go to the second floor.

Last updated: 2018-10-23

This guide is for informational purposes only to assist with your planning.  All information, including rates and hours, are subject to change at any time without notice.   The information in this airport guide is based on information collected and/or received from the airports, lounges, hotels, transportation providers and their web sites. We are not representatives of any of the above mentioned service providers. To report errors or to add/update any items mentioned in the guide, write a review or send an email to [email protected] and we will update this guide.