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Aerotel Singapore
Singapore Changi Airport

Aerotel Singapore Changi Airport

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About Aerotel Singapore

The largest of the stylish Aerotel chain, Aerotel Singapore is a 24-hour airside transit hotel with slightly-superior facilities. Renting its rooms for 6-hour stays, it features a swimming pool, fitness corner, poolside bar, library lounge, buffet breakfast and restaurant. Day packages are available between 6.30am and 12am, at a discounted rate.

Hotel Facilities & Amenities

  • Outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi
  • Poolside bar
  • Fitness corner
  • Library lounge
  • Free WiFi
  • Showers
  • Power outlets
  • Wake-up call service


Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 1, Level 3 Departure/Transit Lounge, near Gate D41


Rooms come in Large, Medium or Small, with the option to include meals. Each room is rented for 6-hour periods, which can be extended for an additional $14 USD an hour. Each room comes equipped with WiFi, a TV, and your choice of pillows. The showers are available in the rooms’ ensuites (unless you are renting a Small Room, which offers showers in the Library Lounge only).
Non-Guest Services
Non-guests can pay for a day package between 6.30am and 12am daily. This includes the use of the pool, fitness corner, Library Lounge shower and one meal, with a choice of house wine or soft drink.

Aerotel Rates & Traveller Reviews

Large (Family) Room with Meal (per 6 hours): $180 USD
Medium (Twin) Room with Meal: (per 6 hours): $97 USD
Small (Single) Room with Meal (per 6 hours): $48 USD
Medium (Twin) Room (per 6 hours): $76 USD
Small (Single) Room (per 6 hours): $38 US

To read traveller reviews and find the best room rates, visit the Aerotel’s Tripadvisor page.

Important Information

The transit hotel is located airside, after security. Guests must show a boarding card and will not have access to checked luggage.
The hotel is open 24 hours a day. Reservations can be made on their website or via email.

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