Sleeping in Airports

Capsule Transit (Landside)
Kuala Lumpur Airport

Capsule Transit (Landside)

Address: Lot L1-2&3, Gateway, Terminal KLIA2, KL International Airport, Jalan KLIA 2/1, Sepang 6400, Malaysia | Telephone: +603 7610 2020

About Capsule Transit (Landside)

Touted as Malaysia’s first capsule hotel, the Capsule Transit is a 2-star hotel located inside Kuala Lumpur Airport, in gateway@klia2. The sleep capsules are housed in industrial-like shipping containers, stacked in 2 levels. “Rooms” are very basic, perfect for napping and freshening up before your next flight. Additional amenities directly associated with the hotel are kept to a minimum, but they are available throughout the airport at large.


Choose from 3 types of capsules: Single (sleeps 1), Queen (sleeps 2), or Private Suite (sleeps 3). Single capsules are available in mixed or female-only zones, upon request. Rooms are very compact, with a sliding door providing privacy. (Private Suites have a more solid door.) Inside the capsule, the bed takes up the majority of your space. Capsules are fit with free WiFi, a small side table, and USB and power outlets. Shower and toilet facilities are shared, and towels are provided. Larger luggage storage is also available.

Hotel Facilities & Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Flexible booking
  • Library/reading lounge
  • Smoke-free hotel

Non-Guest Services

Shower-only packages (RM 29) and luggage storage are available for non-guests. Short-term luggage storage runs RM 20/25/35/45 for 3/6/12/24 hours.

How do I get there?

The hotel is located pre-Security of Terminal klia2, in the gateway@klia2, Level 1 (Transportation Hub). Check-in counters are an 8-minute walk from the hotel.

Capsule Transit (Landside) Room Rates and Traveller Reviews

Rooms can be booked around the clock in blocks of 3, 6, or 12 hours. Single capsules start at RM 105 for 3 hours, RM 115 for 6 hours, and RM 125 for 12 hours. Queen capsules run RM 210/230/250 for 3/6/12 hours and Private suites run RM 230/250/270 for 3/6/12 hours.
To read traveller reviews and find the best room rates, visit the Capsule Transit’s Tripadvisor page.


The Capsule Transit (Landside) is located outside of the airport’s secure zone, so you will need to pass through immigration. If you are a National of a country that requires a Visa to enter Malaysia, you will need a Visa to access this hotel.

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