Sleeping in Airports

Sleeping in Colorado Springs Airport

sleeping in colorado springs airportIf your flight out of Colorado Springs Airport has been delayed or you have a few hours to kill before you set off, you might be interested to know if there are any decent places to rest in the airport. With the help of travellers who have been there before you, this sleep guide will tell you all you need to know about having a snooze at Colorado Springs Airport (COS).

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Can I Sleep Overnight at Colorado Springs Airport?

Colorado Springs Airport is open 24 hours and, according to some travellers, accommodates those looking to spend the night while waiting for their early morning flight.

Flights don’t run through the night, so if you are through security, you must move to the landside area and re-clear security the next day. Sleeping through the night is restricted to landside areas only.

The airport has no dedicated rest or nap zones, but travellers have reported some couches and comfortable chairs where you can rest.

Where is the Best Place to Sleep at Colorado Springs Airport?

You must remain landside if you need to rest through the night here before your early morning flight.

Travellers have reported a few leather couches and several armchairs behind a fireplace on the second floor that can be accessed by a stairway separate from the main stairs. The fire can be turned on, which gives warmth to the armchairs.

Like most airports, Colorado Springs can get chilly during the night. We’d suggest bringing a few extra layers and maybe a blanket for warmth.

Overnight sleepers have reported regular public service announcements over the speaker system in the airport, which could cause a hindrance to your sleep. Consider bringing some earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones if you plan on spending a night in Colorado Springs.

Are There Lounges at Colorado Springs Airport?

There is one lounge at Colorado Springs Airport that is open to all passengers regardless of airline or class of service flown.

The Premier Lounge in Colorado Springs is open to coincide with the daily flight schedule, so opening hours vary. It will not be open through the night. There are no dedicated sleep or rest zones inside the lounge, but you will have access to more comfortable chairs to rest if you’re there during open times.

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Is There Anything Open 24 Hours at Colorado Springs Airport?

No dining options are open 24 hours, so if you’re looking for a midnight snack, you’d best bring your own treats or stock up before concessions close for the night!

No other shops or concessionary stands are open 24 hours in the airport. If you can’t get to sleep, you might be in for a long night, so consider bringing a book or your tablet with you for some entertainment.

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Are There Any Hotels Near Colorado Springs Airport?

If a night trying to sleep at the airport is giving you nightmares, you might want to consider booking a nearby hotel. There are hotels near Colorado Springs Airport with airport shuttles:

  • Radisson Hotel Colorado Springs Airport  (free airport shuttle) » Check Rates
  • Springhill Suites by Marriott Colorado Springs South  » Check Rates
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  • Hampton Inn Colorado Springs Airport (free airport shuttle) » Check Rates
  • Hilton Garden Inn Colorado Springs Airport  (free airport shuttle) » Check Rates
  • Quality Inn  (free airport shuttle) » Check Rates
  • Holiday Inn Express  & Suites  » Check Rates
  • Holiday Inn Colorado Springs Airport  (free airport shuttle) » Check Rates

For more options, visit Tripadvisor to see a list of hotels near Colorado Springs Airport that can be sorted by price, distance, traveller rating and popularity.

Is it Safe to Sleep at Colorado Springs Airport?

At the time of this update, we have no reports from travellers commenting on safety issues at Colorado Springs Airport. However, always keep your wits about you, and if you’re not feeling safe, have an extra cup of coffee and sleep on the plane!

As a precaution, here are a few tips to ensure you have a safe airport sleeping experience:

  • Know Where Security is Located. Whether you are sleeping in the airport alone or with friends, it is good to know where security is. Know where their office is located and look for video cameras where you decide to stay the night. Ask security where it is safe to spend the night. They’ve probably seen many airport sleepers before you, and they will direct you to a safe spot.
  • Don’t Seclude Yourself. If you are travelling alone, we recommend that you sleep near other travellers or close to security.
  • Hide Your Valuables. Don’t leave all your mobile devices out in plain view. We have received reports from people who woke up with only earphones and a laptop bag strap, but without the attached iPods or laptops. The same goes for important documents and money. Keep these secure on your body so no one can get them without waking you up.
  • Secure Your Bags. You may want to padlock your bag to something if you are a deep sleeper. If your bags have zippers, turn the bag upside down (zippers to the floor) or sleep with your bag up against the wall, making it hard for someone to access it.
  • Choose to Stay Alert. If you don’t feel safe, drink coffee, stay alert, and stay awake. You can always sleep on the plane!

Have You Slept at Colorado Springs Airport?

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