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2013 Worst Airports for Sleeping

Worst Airports for Sleeping 2013

Date: October 15, 2013

This year we have split the “Worst Airports” into two lists: Worst Airports for Sleeping (see below) and Worst Airports for Overall Experience.

From your reviews and votes, we’ve selected five memorable airports that have presented our airport sleepers with some challenging sleep conditions over the past year.

While we certainly don’t begrudge these (or any airport) for not having king size beds and butler service waiting for us in their lobbies, we only wish to inform airport sleepers of the challenges that may be faced should they wish to spend the night in these airports.

While there are more airports that close their doors and toss out airport sleepers, this list is based only on reviews and survey responses over the past year.

Read on and find out which airports you might want to forget about sleeping in…

Here are the Top 2013 Worst Airports for Sleeping:

Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport

Worst Airports of 2013: Bergamo Airport

Aggressive security or airport police (speaking Italian only) woke us up around 3am and kicks out people to the other part of terminal because of cleaning. Around 4am they ‘open’ the terminal and sleeping on the floor isn’t allowed anymore.” – tom123456

Bergamo Orio al Serio is noisy, cold …… and too crowded with airport sleepers. This small and popular airport sleeper terminal fills up every night with budget travellers awaiting their early morning RyanAir flights. As seating is limited, many sleepers bring their sleeping bags and sleep on the floor. In the middle of the night, the cleaning crew arrives and that brings out the security to clean up all the sleepers off the floor. In short, don’t plan on any sleep! If you must spend the night at Bergamo Airport, grab a coffee at the 24-hour cafe and read a book until security opens. Once you get through security, you’ll find that the gate areas are much nicer and more comfortable.

Christchurch International Airport

Worst Airports of 2013: Christchurch Airport

Unfortunately the hope of clean sleep through to say 4.45am was not to be. The staff woke us at 4am asking people inane questions.” – charborne

In May, Christchurch Airport made headlines when it closed its doors and evicted airport sleepers after the last flight. Turns out Christchurch Airport had become a little too popular on the airport sleeper circuit and it was hosting somewhere between 70-260 sleepers per night. Like any party, there were a few troublemakers in the crowd who began to abuse the airport’s hospitality by staying for days, hanging their laundry on the terminal furniture and cooking meals on a gas cooker. The bad behaviour of a few ruined it for the other travellers who were arriving late at night and only needed to wait a few hours for early morning connections. A month later, the airport reopened its doors, but with stricter regulations. Seems fair enough. Now sleepers must show evidence of an early morning flight in order to stay inside the terminal. There is entrance fee of $5 to sit in the “Air Lounge”, a new overnight seating area. You will need to sit up in a chair all night as lay-down sleeping is not allowed.

Keflavik International Airport

Worst Airports of 2013: Keflavik Airport

We were harassed by the security staff thrice. We were told not to lie on the floor twice, the third time another security guard kicked everyone’s luggage and blew his whistle to keep everyone awake. ” – juli

Overnight airport sleepers are strongly discouraged from the public area of Keflavik Airport. If waking airport sleepers was a sport, the security guards here would be covered with medals. Described as “Guantanamo” style sleep conditions, security will track down airport sleepers no matter how many times they move or where they attempt to hide. Sitting in a chair with your eyes open appears to be the only acceptable way to spend the night here. If you are in transit overnight waiting for an early morning flight your presence will be more tolerated.

Berlin Tegel Airport

Worst Airports of 2013: Berlin Tegel Airport

While certainly not the worst airport I’ve slept in, it was difficult to sleep and left me quite cranky the next morning. – Snowpeas

Bright lights, metal seats, noise and homeless people are just a few of factors that have kept travellers sleepless at Berlin Tegel Airport this year.

Eindhoven Airport

Worst Airports of 2013: Eindhoven Airport

As with most of the other reviewers here we found out too late and with too little money that Eindhoven closes at night. – hendizzle

While you may save money by flying out of Eindhoven Airport on a cheap RyanAir flight, don’t expect to save more money on accommodations by sleeping in this airport. Eindhoven Airport closes at at 11pm and there is no shelter around the terminal. Reviewers have ended up sleeping in a nearby forest or the train station.

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