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Tokyo Narita Airport

tokyo narita airport guide

In this section you will find traveller airport reviews as well as our Tokyo Narita Airport Guide with info on WiFi, lounges, facilities and services....and yes, even the names of some airport hotels in case you decide that sleeping in the airport is not for you!

After reading this website I was fully prepared for the police to round up everyone....At 10:30pm an officer come and took me to an area of benches in first floor arrivals with ten other people. The police officers even made sure we had benches without armrests. - LoneTree

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tokyo narita airport sleepers terminal 3
Terminal 3. Photo credit: Minna

by Ol Thunder
I've spent the last two days in Narita Airport. I didn't sleep here.

I like how clean Narita is, and how easy it is to find a place to hang out. The bench seating is set up so that some rows will have a nice line of armrest-free seats and others will not.

This might be the only time in my life where I spend 13 on a shower and consider it totally worthwhile. The showers are located by exit S3 and you can rent a single room or double room (both include a shower) or you can just get 30 minutes with a shower for the aforementioned 13. Soap, towels, washcloths, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, 'napkins', shower cap, and body lotion are all provided. And you get 30 minutes absolutely alone, which is at least as refreshing as a shower.

If you're looking to catch a nap and want to spread out a bit there's a bunch of flat couch-like things across from the showers. They're great if you can snag a comfy one.

I've had trouble with the NRT-AIRPORT WiFi network and recommend searching out the narita-airport-free-wifi signal. If you turn left immediately after entering the airside area, you'll see a wall with 3 outlets on it. You can get a great signal right there (it's where I'm writing this review from) and charge all your gadgets at the same time.

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Tokyo Narita Airport Guide

In this guide we may refer to locations as "landside" and "airside". Landside is the public area of the terminal located in the non-secure zone, before security. Airside is the secure area of the terminal that you must reach by going through security.

Airport Lounges

If you are an economy class traveller, you can enter these lounges at Tokyo Narita airport either by purchasing a day pass or through a membership program. Visit the individual lounge page for more details (ie. facilities, hours, pass and membership information):

Additionally, there are Airline Lounges in both terminals. Check your airline for entry requirements. In Terminal 1, you will find these airline lounges:

  • The Clubhouse - Location: Central Building, 3rd Floor
  • Air France Lounge - Location: No.1 Satellite, 4th Floor (entrance on 3rd floor)
  • ANA Lounge - 3 Locations: South Wing, 1st Floor (international arrivals, domestic departures) • No.4 Satellite, 2nd Floor (entrance on 3rd floor) • No.5 Satellite, 4th Floor (entrance on the 3rd floor)
  • ANA Suite Lounge - 2 Location: No.4 Satellite, 4th Floor (entrance on 3rd floor) • No.5 Satellite, 4th Floor (entrance on 3rd floor)
  • KAL Business Lounge - Location: Terminal 1, Airside, Satellite 2, 3rd Floor, near Gate 26. Lounge Access: Priority Pass.
  • Delta Sky Club - 2 Locations: No.1 Satellite, 4th Floor, (entrance on 3rd floor) • No.2 Satellite, 4th Floor, Concourse B, above Gate 15 (entrance on 3rd floor). Day passes are available. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door (US$ 50) • Priority Pass • Delta Sky Club Membership.
  • United Club - Location: Airside, Satellite 3, gate 31. Hours: 730am - 730pm. Lounge Access: Day passes are available for US$ 50 per person.

and airline lounges in Terminal 2:

  • Admirals Club - Location: Main Building, 2nd Floor (entrance on 3rd floor). Day passes are available. Lounge Access: Pay at the Door (US$ 50) • Priority Pass• Admiral's Club Membership.
  • Qantas Business Lounge - Location: Satellite Building, 2nd Floor (entrance on 3rd floor). Lounge Access: Priority Pass • Qantas Club Membership.
  • Cathay Pacific First and Business Lounge - Location: Main Building, 4th Floor (entrance on 3rd floor)
  • Dynasty Lounge - Location: Main Building, 2nd Floor (entrance on 3rd floor)
  • Sakura Lounge - 2 Locations: Domestic Terminal, 3rd Floor (entrance from 2nd floor) • Main Building, 2nd Floor (entrance on 3rd floor) • Satellite Bldg., 2nd Floor (entrance on 3rd floor)
  • JAL First Class Lounge - 2 Locations: Main Building, 3rd Floor • Satellite Building, 3rd Floor

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Airport WiFi / Internet

Free WiFi is available at Tokyo Narita Airport. Connect to the "narita-airport-free-wifi" network.

Additionally there are coin-operated internet kiosks available at various locations throughout the terminals.

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Airport Hotels

If sleeping in Narita Airport does not appeal to you, there are hotels near the airport:

  • Day Rooms - If you are in transit, there are day rooms with showers are available on an hourly basis. Rates: 1,500 yen per hour (Single) and 2,400 yen per hour. Includes: towels, shampoo, soap, hair dryer.
    Terminal 1: Airside, Central Building, 3rd Floor, (Hours: 7:00am-9:00pm).
    Terminal 2: Airside, Main Building, 3rd Floor (Hours: 7:00am-9:30pm).
  • Nine Hours Narita Airport - This capsule hotel has 24-hr check-in and reception. Capsule sleep pods are located at Terminal 2,on the multi-story Car Park P2, B1F. Rates start at 3900 JPY for overnight, 1500 JPY for first hour of day use room (500 JPY every hour after), and 1000 JPY for shower use only (shower is free to overnight and day use guests).
  • Narita Airport Rest House - (5 min from the airport) Free shuttle departs every 20 minutes and runs between both terminals and the hotel from 6:20am to 11:15pm. Day rooms available from 9am to 5pm for rates starting at 4500 JPY.
  • Narita Tobu Hotel Airport - (5 min from the airport) Located adjacent to the airport. Free roundtrip airport shuttle bus available.
  • Hotel Nikko Narita - (10 min from the airport) Located adjacent to the airport. Free scheduled roundtrip airport shuttle runs to both terminals (bus stop 33 at Terminal 2/1F and bus stop 16 at Terminal 1/1F Arrival Lobby). Shuttle operates from 4:40am to 12:30am.
  • Marroad International Hotel Narita - (10 min from the airport) Located adjacent to the airport. Free scheduled roundtrip airport shuttle runs to both terminals (bus stop 27 at Terminal 2/1F Arrival Lobby and bus stop 16 at Terminal 1/1F Arrival Lobby). Shuttle operates from 4:30am to 11:25pm.
  • Toyoko Inn Narita Kuko - (10 min from the airport) Located adjacent to the airport. Free scheduled roundtrip airport shuttle runs to both terminals (bus stop 31B at Terminal 2/1F Arrival Lobby and bus stop 16 at Terminal 1/1F Arrival Lobby). Shuttle operates from 4:50am to 11:35pm.

Hostels and Budget Hotels near the airport: Narita Airport Hostel

To find a cheap room, there is a list of hotels near Narita Airport on Tripadvisor that can be sorted by price.

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More Services, Facilities & Things To Do On A Layover At The Airport

tokyo narita airport
photo source: a SleepingInAirports reader
  • ATMs / Cash Machines -
    »Terminal 1: 16 ATMs are located landside (Hours: 6am-11pm) • 2 ATMs are located airside (Hours: 7am-10pm)
    »Terminal 2: 13 ATMs are located landside (Hours: 6am-11pm) and 1 ATM is located airside (Hours: 7am-10pm)
  • Car Rentals - Mazda • Nippon • Nissan • Toyota • and more. Bus Stop Locations: Terminal 1 (Central Building, 1st Floor, Arrivals • North Wing, 1st Floor, Arrivals) and Terminal 2 (Main Building, 1st Floor, Arrivals)
  • Changing Rooms - If you have arrived from a trans-Pacific flight and would like to change into some fresh clothes, the airport has change rooms. Locations: Terminal 1, 4th Floor Departures • Terminal 1, 3rd Floor Departures • 1st Floor Departures • Terminal 2, Main Building, 3rd Floor, Departures • Terminal 2, Main Building, 1st Floor, Arrivals.
  • Children's Play Areas - Terminal 1: Airside, 3rd Floor • Terminal 2: Airside, Main Building, 2nd Floor
  • Cultural Activities - Special cultural activities are held throughout the year at special times. You will have to check with the information desk if there are any activities on the day that you are inside the terminal. During these activities you can become familiar with Japanese culture by participating in a hands-on Kokeshi and Origami making session. Location: Terminal 2, Airside, 5th Avenue. Traditional armour wearing and print making activities are held before security. Location: Terminal 2, Skyrium.
  • Currency Exchange - There are many foreign exchange offices located airside and landside in both terminals. Hours: vary (none are open 24 hours).
  • Food & Drinks - At the time of this update, there are no 24-hour food and beverage concessions available at this airport.
  • Information Desk - There are eight Information Desks available: four desks at Terminal 1 and four desks at Terminal 2. Hours: unknown.
  • Luggage Storage & Lockers -
    » Terminal 1: GPA - Landside, North Wing, 1st Floor, Arrivals (Hours: 7am-10pm) • South Wing, 1st Floor, Arrivals (Hours: 630am - 10pm).
    »Terminal 2: Narita International Airport Promotion Foundation - Landside, Main Building, 3rd Floor Departures (Hours: 7am-10pm) • GPA - Landside, Main Building, 1st Floor Arrivals (Hours: 630am-10pm) • JAL ABC Inc - Landside, Main Building, 1st Floor, Arrivals (Hours: 7am-10pm). Rates: 300, 500 or 800 yen per item per day depending on size; same rate each day thereafter.  A standard-sized suitcase is charged at 500 yen per day.
    Additionally, you can find lockers in the following areas:
    »Terminal 1: Landside, North Wing, 4th Floor, Departures • South Wing, 4th Floor, Departures • Central Building, 1st Floor, Arrivals
    »Terminal 2: Landside, Main Building, 3rd Floor, Departures
    Rates: 300, 400 or 500 yen per day
  • Mobile Charging - Information not available
  • Observation Deck - Location: Terminal 1, Central Building, 5F and Terminal 2, Main Building,4F
  • Oxygen Bar - Oxygen Lounge JUKO: Terminal 1, Airside, Central Building, 3rd Floor (Hours: 11am-800pm). Rates: 600 yen (10 minutes)
  • Pet Hotel - For locals who need a place to leave their pets while they travel, there is a pet hotel at the airport. The Pet Inn Royal is located in the basement of the Terminal 2 Carpark. Hours: open 24 hours
  • Portable DVD Rental - If you forgot yours at home, you can rent them at TSUTAYA. Location: South Wing, 4th Floor, Departures. Hours: 7am - 9pm. They can be dropped off at SKY Cellular (landside)
  • Rest Zones - Information not available
  • Showers - Locations: Terminal 1, Airside, Central Building, 3rd Floor (Hours: 7am-9pm) • Terminal 1, Landside, South Wing, 2nd Floor (Hours: 7am-9pm) • Terminal 2, Airside, Main Building, 3rd Floor (Hours: 7am-930pm) • Terminal 2, Landside, Main Building, Basement, 1st Floor (Hours: 7am-9pm). Rates: 1,000 yen for 30 minutes. 500 yen each 15 minutes after. Shampoo, body soap, towels and hair dryers are provided. Showers are also available at the Nine Hours capsule hotel. [ see Airport Hotels above ]
  • Silence Room - There are two Silence rooms that are Intended for peace and tranquility for quiet time, meditation, or prayer. Locations: Terminal 1, 5th Floor. Hours: 6am - 11pm • Terminal 2, Main Building, 1st Floor. Hours: 6am - 11pm.
  • Smoking - There are 14 designated smoking areas in Terminal 1 and 19 areas in Terminal 2.

Airport Sleeping Policy

Sleeping in airports is generally frowned upon in all Japanese airports. While the terminal is open, you will likely be approached by a security officer who will ask to see your travel documents. This is from the Narita Airport web site: "Aircraft operating hours is between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.. Customers are not permitted to remain in the passenger terminals outside aircraft operating hours. However, under special circumstances, for example when an aircraft arrives after public transport stops operating, customers may be allowed to sleep in designated areas. Moreover, customers catching early morning flights are advised to use nearby hotels and accommodations around the airport."

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Airport Hours

The airport is open 24 hours.

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Airport Transportation: Getting To/From The Airport


Passengers looking to use buses from the airport to Tokyo and the rest of the country have a bewildering array of companies, schedules and costs to choose from. Using the bus services depends on the company so passengers are advised to refer to the individual company websites for details.For more details on the buses from the airport, visit the Narita Airport web site.


There are a number of different optins available for passengers. Rail access to and from Narita Airport is via the Narita Sky Access line, Keisei line and JR line. Tickets can be purchased at the station counters on the B1 level at Terminals 1, 2 and 3. For a list of schedules, visit the Narita Airport web site.


Airport taxi stands are available in front of Terminal 1, fourth floor bus lane, and from Terminal 2, 3rd floor bus lane. Fixed fares based on destination zones apply to services from Narita Airport Tokyo. For more details on fares, visit the Narita Airport web site.

Car Rentals

A host of well known car rental operators are available in arrivals at Terminals 1 and 2.

Terminal Shuttle

A free bus operates between terminals 1 and 2. Operational between 5:00AM and 10:30PM.

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Last Updated: 14 May 2015

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