Sleeping in Airports

Nap Cabs

Nap Cabs

About Nap Cabs

Born out of a Munich Innovation Competition in 2007, Nap Cabs offer slightly more space and privacy to travellers at Munich AIrport. Though they somewhat resemble an oversized vending machine, each pod is efficiently outfitted with a bed, workspace, charging points, internet, mood lighting, an alarm clock and up to date flight information.

Locations & Rates

  • Munich: 4 locations in Terminal 2: Level 4, Gate G06 • Level 3, beside Edeka and the Service Center • Level 5, Gate H32 • Level 5, Gate L04). Prices are 15,00€/hr from 6:00AM – 10:00PM, 10,00€ /hr from 10:00PM – 6:00AM with a minimum charge of 30,00€. Note, charged to the minute.


Each cab is 4m2 and is equipped with a full bed (200 x 80cm) sheets and a small work space.

Facilities & Amenities

Each pod is equipped with an alarm clock, an iPod docking station, up-to-date flight information, charging points, internet access and mood lighting.


These rooms are located after security, meaning you need a valid boarding pass to access them.

A touch screen near the door of the pods manages check in and check out. You pay for the exact amount of time in which you’re in the pod, and there are minimum charges. Advance bookings are not available.