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How to Avoid Coronavirus at Airports

Airports are breeding grounds for germs even at the best of times, and with the ongoing COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, travellers are more anxious than ever about finding themselves in the midst of airport crowds where...


Moscow Bans Sleeping in Airports

Travellers stuck in Moscow’s biggest airports due to a long layover or flight cancellation should give up any thought about sleeping in the airports, as the Moscow regional Duma (government) has enacted new passenger...

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Instant Paris CDG Airport Transit Lounge

New transit lounge opens at Paris CDG Airport

Conjure up visions of Paris, and you’ll feel wistful for romance, art, sophisticated cafes, and world-famous architecture. But when you arrive at Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG), you experience anything...


7 Incredible Airport Worker Oops Moments

Who amongst us hasn’t screwed up at work in a way they’d dearly like to forget? Come on, be honest. Perhaps you’ve hit ‘reply all’ to an office email with the opinion that a co-worker is an asshole. Or maybe...