Sleeping in Airports

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World’s Most Dangerous Airports

Type ‘Most Dangerous Airports’ into Google, and you’ll get hits aplenty, with many promising shock footage of aircraft in distress. Several of these link to awful photo montages set to polka music, but some are...


Airport Lounges

Airport Hotels, Sleep Pods and Cabins

Instant Paris CDG Airport Transit Lounge

New transit lounge opens at Paris CDG Airport

Conjure up visions of Paris, and you’ll feel wistful for romance, art, sophisticated cafes, and world-famous architecture. But when you arrive at Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG), you experience anything...


7 Ways To Get Banned From Flying

In January 2016, a woman’s drunk and disorderly behaviour caused her Jet2 aircraft to divert to Ireland. The 42-year old was fined $10,000, and the airline banned her for life, in line with a zero tolerance policy...

Tips for Traveling with Kids

Family travel is the ultimate dream—parents whisking their kids to tropical beaches, historical landmarks and beyond, creating special memories while simultaneously teaching their children about the world. But it can...