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Cool Airport Hotels Jumbo Stay

8 Cool (and Affordable) Airport Hotels

We’ve all experienced the dilemma where we ask ourselves whether it’s better to stay at an expensive (and often outdated) airport hotel, or spend time and money finding cheaper sleeping arrangements elsewhere to avoid the dreaded airport sleepover.   Travelers who value comfort will often choose the airport accommodations, albeit begrudgingly. Luckily, there are quite a few cool and affordable airport hotels out there for the weary traveler looking for cosmopolitan appeal without the elevated price tag.

We have put together a list of some of the trendiest and most feature-packed hotels that are both easy on the wallet and exciting for the eyes. So if the thought of sleeping in the airport normally gives you nightmares, here are 8 of the coolest and most affordable hotels that might change your mind about spending money on a room:

Jumbo Stay – Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping on a jumbo-jet, but without any of the annoyances of screaming babies or food carts slamming into your elbows every 10 minutes? Thanks to Jumbo Stay in Stockholm, Sweden, you can turn those dreams into reality. Spend the night in a decommissioned Boeing 747 that is chocked full of cool features, including a café (open to the public), cockpit suite with panoramic views of the airport, and private rooms with their own bathrooms and showers. As an added bonus, take a stroll out on the observation wing for an amazing view of the runway.  Room rates start at: € 51.72 per night (Dorm).  The cockpit room (pictured above) is pricey though and will set you back € 229.31 per night.  » Read Reviews on Tripadvisor

Capsule by Container Hotel – Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Cool Airport Hotels Capsule by Container Hotel

Designed for the eco-friendly minimalist in all of us, the Capsule by Container Hotel is a collective living space where artists can display their work in the common area and travelers can relax and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or “sky juice” at the Container Bar. With separate male and female capsules, wet and dry shower facilities, this is a cool (and safe) way to recharge your batteries after a long day of hitting the skies.  Rates start at RM50.00 for the first 3 hours. » Read Reviews on Tripadvisor

9H – Tokyo Narita Airport

Cool Airport Hotels 9H Narita Airport

The future of sleeping is here, and it’s straight out of The Matrix. At Narita’s 9 Hours hotel, you can experience what it’s like to be a pod-person stuffed into your own sleeping compartment like a freshly-caught sardine. Definitely classifiable as unique, the “sleep pods” have soft curves and sound-proof design that will put you to sleep in surprising comfort and style. Rates start at: 1500 yen for the first two hours.  » Read Reviews on Tripadvisor

Yotel – Amsterdam Schiphol, London Heathrow and London Gatwick Airports

Cool Airport Hotels Yotel

Choose from any one of Yotel’s popular locations for a slick and hassle-free hotel stay just minutes from the terminal. Automated check-in stations, complimentary hot drinks and free WiFi at this futuristic hotel welcomes guests needing anywhere from just a few hours of rest to longer overnight stays. If you thought the rain showers of CitizenM were cool, wait until you experience the “monsoon showers” at Yotel!  Rates start at: €46 (Amsterdam Schiphol) £32 (London Gatwick) or £35.00 (London Heathrow) for a 4-hour stay.  » Read Reviews on Tripadvisor

Bloc Gatwick – London Gatwick Airport

Cool Airport Hotels Bloc Gatwick

At the heart of London Gatwick’s South Terminal, the Bloc Hotel features compact rooms with modern finishes and retro price tags. Here you have the ability to control every little feature in your room- from unlocking the door to adjusting the temperature and lighting- all from your smartphone or tablet. If your iPad had a hotel inside of it, this is what it would look like.  Rates start at: £66.00 per night.  » Read Reviews on Tripadvisor

Aloft – Worldwide

Cool Airport Hotels Aloft

Inspired by loft living spaces with a French Canadian design, Aloft Hotels are a forward-thinking alternative to the grungy airport hotels of days past. Enjoy the energizing public spaces where the music and lighting change throughout the day to get you in the mood for relaxation. Plug in your portable electronics to a connectivity station in each room that charges your devices while linking to your own 42” LCD TV.  At the time of publication, Aloft had locations near the following airports: Phoenix, San Francisco, Denver, Jacksonville, Baltimore, Buffalo, Raleigh-Durham, Portland, Philadelphia, Charleston, San Antonio, Washington Dulles, Montreal, and Bogota, with more airport locations opening in 2016 and 2017.  Rates start at: US$ 80 per night (varies according to location). 

CitizenM – Amsterdam Schiphol and  Paris Charles de Gaulle Airports

Cool Airport Hotels CitizenM Paris CDG

What could be better than relaxing under a high-pressure showerhead after a 1,000-mile plus flight? With classy accommodations in 6 of the most popular transit hubs in Europe and North America, CitizenM Hotels boast a boutique atmosphere designed for a one-of-a-kind stay. The Amsterdam-Shiphol and Paris CDG locations really stand out with wall-to-wall windows, rain showers, free movies and free WiFi for all travelers.  If you want to see what really sets this hotel apart, check out the innovative MoodPad tablet included in every room. You can adjust the temperature, mood lighting, TV and blinds all from the comfort of your XL King-sized bed. Now that’s luxury!  Room rates start at: €89 per night (Amsterdam Schiphol Airport) and €79 per night (Paris CDG Airport). » Read Reviews on Tripadvisor

YouniQ Hotel – Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Cool Airport Hotels Youniq

Just as in the name, the YouniQ Hotel is one incredibly cool and unique hotel. The experimental design offers colorful interior/exterior façades with brick-laced walls and purple backlighting throughout. We’d like to think that if Andy Warhol was alive today, he’d be chillin’ on the plush arm chair in the lobby soaking up all the creativity that permeates this chic abode.  The hotel also provides male and female backpacker dorms for those travellers who don’t mind sharing.  Rates start at: RM 39 (Dorm Rooms) – RM 136 (Double Room) per night.  » Read Reviews on Tripadvisor


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  • Wow, I thought it would be more expensive. But 90 euro a night isn’t that expensive for a hotel. I rarely fly but sleeping in an airport hotel seems worth it.

  • im arriving on monday,i want to layover until I get on my next flight on much it cost and I would like to book.waiting for your reply as soon as possible.Thanks a lot.Riza

  • I stayed at the Bloc 2 years ago. I had a 6am flight and the room was spacious and the bed was comfy enough to get a decent sleep. A quick shower and then an elevator down to security. Easy-peasy. Would ABSOLUTELY do it again!