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Facing a flight delay, layover or overnight sleepover at Dublin Airport? Read reviews by travellers in the Sleeping in Airports community who have been there or share your own airport experiences, tips and photos!

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  • T2 – was closed



    Pros: Big.... The Potential is there

    Cons: Access may be restricted as it can effectively close down for the night

    Our experience was all based in Terminal 2. Ended up here at midnight for a flight that would be delayed until 6am. Must have been last minute as we were already on the long bus ride there when I checked my emails and saw the info. This left us with a 6 hour wait 12-6. As the airline knew nothing was happening and therefore were happy enough that they had informed customers a couple of hours in advance they didn’t open check in. Nor therefore was security open. As such we were stuck airside from our arrival at the airport until 6am as there were no other scheduled flights requiring anything to be opened.
    There were slim pickings for rest then. Upstairs there was a diner and a café that were available. The diner had long bench style seats that luckily enough were padded. This means that with a big of a fluffed up bag or sweater that you should be able to get as comfortable as expected…… usually. However on the other hand there was a problem for us on the particular night we were there. I’m unsure if the diner closed (i.e., wasn’t a 24hr operation) or if they closed it just to do it, but staff care round and asked us all to move over to the other side as they wanted to clean. So we had to move to the other end of the mezzanine floor this was all located on to take up seats in the café. This wasn’t great as mostly there were chairs around free standing tables leaving us to have to attempt to rest and sleep sitting up, needless to say by the time the check in counters opened we were not well rested.
    As a side note, our circumstances meant we were first in the queue to check in and pass security to airside and ours was the first flight out the next day, the airport was just waking and only a small selection of shops were ready for trade as evidently the whole place had shut down overnight, no there would have been little to no facilities airside either had we been able to get through, I think there would though be a fair number of soft seats that could be used if need be to at least get your head down.

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    Terminal 2 – Booths at Cafe



    Pros: Not many people, quiet, dimmed lights

    Cons: Loud starting at 4-5am

    Check out the booths/couches near the Oak Cafe on the second floor in Terminal 2. There are restaurant-style dining booths with tables, which is great for both sleeping and doing some work. There's also not many people around, so I felt okay with stashing my bag on the ground under the table. The airport was relatively quiet and dim around midnight, but it got louder around 4-5am when the morning flight passengers started showing up.

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    More comfy than expected



    Pros: very comfy couches if you arrive early, clean & plentiful toilets, water fountain, no eternal passenger announcements or loud cleaning crew, no hassle with security

    Cons: 24h food court means constant stream of non-sleeping customers who might be unpleasantly loud if you're unlucky, open area means minimal privacy and retreat area

    Arrived around 21.30 at the much-mentioned 24h McDonalds booths and managed to grab one of the comfy and spacious couches, sharing the booth thankfully with a very pleasant girl who had almost the same flight itinerary and we could watch each other's stuff when one took off for the loo or to load their phone at one of the few power outlets on the floor.

    Generally a very pleasant night, I was positively surprised by the comfort of the couches and the zero hassle by security or cleaning crew. I did not expect to get much sleep, but managed to doze off for a few hours and catch up a bit more on the early flight out.

    While the area is very easily accessable, reasonably clean (just don't look too closely at the couch corners and maybe put some protective padding under your head) and the hassle kept to a minimum, this is also its biggest downside if you are unlucky and noisy/annoying people show up while you try to sleep. We had a party of four or five arrive in the booth right next to us just after midnight and they clearly didn't intend to let the night go to waste, but fortunately they disappeared soon after. Dublin Airport is also reasonably close to the centre and the food court is right behind the entrance, so there's always a chance for bums hanging around and potentially making your life miserable.

    Going airside is only allowed three hours before scheduled departure, as usual. Airport woke up around 4.30 with quite a few people checking in below the food court for early morning flights to holiday destinations, but the sound is somewhat muffled through the glass windows until the first people come up to the food court for breakfast.

    Overall recommended for very early flights, definitely beats accommodation prices in Dublin and around the airport.

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    Pros: Taxi was right outside

    Cons: Refused to take my credit card and insisted on cash.

    Ask upfront if the taxi takes credit cards.

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    No sleep in Dublin



    Pros: Padded benches. McDonald 's was open 24 hours. The lighting was low. Clean bathrooms nearby.

    Cons: Cleaning crew. Snoring. Scary, drunk people.

    I arrived at terminal 1 about 22:30, and scored one of the last padded benches in the area near mc Donald ‘s. I was just settling down for a cozy nap when the snoring began 2 booths over. The snoring became so loud that it was vibrating our booth. Eventually, this attracted the attention of security, who woke the man and discovered he has no travel plans and booted him. back to my nap, but not so fast. Then the drunk woman showed up and plunked her vomity smelling self down with the poor girl sharing my booth. She began to explain all the injustices in the world as they related to her. At high volume. Thankfully, she eventually abandoned us for some Texans who were sharing their vodka with her. And that was when the cleaning crew arrived driving the floor buffer. They finished up in time for the airport to really start hopping at 3:30. Not a wink of sleep all night.

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