Sleeping in Airports
Jet Blue Metronaps sleep pods at JFK Airport
(photo courtesy of Metronaps)

JetBlue Installs Nap Pods At JFK Airport

We are all too familiar with the annoying announcements, bright lights and abundance of armrests that often prevent the weary traveller from catching up on some well-needed rest.  However, one airline has just introduced a solution to help us re-energize with a quick nap.

JetBlue is giving its customers a unique way to recharge and overcome travel fatigue with a free 20-minute “JetNap” in one of its new state-of-the-art napping pods unveiled yesterday at the JetBlue Terminal 5 concourse inside New York’s JFK Airport.

The four new JetNap EnergyPods are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis to JetBlue customers.

Customers awaiting flights can relax in an ergonomically perfect, gravity-neutral position that optimizes circulation and encourages a reinvigorating, restful siesta. A privacy visor ensures serene seclusion as soothing rhythms from the built-in speakers reduce background noise; nappers can also plug in their own headphones for even more seclusion. The pods feature internal storage bins to secure personal items during naps. When it’s time to wake up, nappers are gently awakened with a combination of lights, music and vibration.

The EnergyPods have already been installed in hundreds of offices, hospitals, universities and fitness centers around the world, including Toronto’s Pearson Airport and the Aspire Lounge at London’s Luton Airport.

While we love any new initiative that give travellers an opportunity to rest comfortably, we have to wonder if the limited number of pods and 20-minute time limit will leave travellers waiting in line longer than Jetnap itself.

What do you think of these EnergyPods?

Photo courtesy of Metronaps


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  • A few pods for 20 minutes of respite won’t help improve the overall ambiance and comfort of Jet Blue’s JFK Terminal. I’ve been in more airports than I can count, however the Jet Blue JFK terminal is hands down the worst from the vantage of traveler comfort. (a) the noise is relentless, loud and layered on itself – CNN blaring from televisions, background music, endless announcements and workers with loudspeakers on their belts turned to MAX so they can hear them above all the other noise. (b) whoever chose the plastic webbed seating is a sadist – I mean they are hands down the worst seats in any terminal I’ve experienced – it is impossible to get comfortable in one. (c) there is no where to escape the crowds – the pre-boarding areas were designed too small for the capacities of Jet Blue’s aircraft, meaning every flight sees passengers standing shoulder to shoulder with no available seating for a long while before boarding. Gawd help you if you are over 50 and have any joints that resist standing for an hour.

  • Seattle gets my vote for best airport to sleep in. They have a raised carpeted area on the upper level and it is usually occupied by people with camping gear. San Juan P.R. is one of the worse for noise and lack of a place where you can get away from the cold air conditioning which comes down the exterior walls. This airport is used a lot by people changing planes and it would be great to have a quiet not too cold area to relax on the floor.

  • ..the main purpose of these pods is for a little privacy during wait times… but you dont get enough rest if you get to wake up after only 20mins.. some flights are delayed more than an hour.. if your flight is 2hours or more delayed, a 20min snooze is useless.. for $12,985 a pod, that is not something an airport may not opt to provide more of… however, there is cheaper way for airports to be able to do something similar, relax & longer private rest.. an example is the classic japanese capsule sleep pods, that costs less than US$3,000 / double decked pod.. the airport can sell per hour rests on these pods, even full night rests.. & the longer you stay, the cheaper per hour it gets.. heck, you may not need to check in on local hotels if your planning to stay just 2-3nights on your visit…