Sleeping in Airports

Sleeping in Lima Airport

sleeping in Lima Airport
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Whether your situation calls for a short nap or an overnight slumber, this sleep guide will give you the essential information to prepare you for sleeping in Lima Airport.

Our guide is updated with the help of airport sleepers who tell us about their experiences at Lima Airport. If you have a tip or photos to share, please take a moment to write a review to help us keep this sleep guide up-to-date!

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Sleeping in Lima Airport

Locations & Seating

Thanks to the timing of many flights in and out of Lima, it’s common for many travellers to spend long layovers here, especially during the night. Seating is plentiful, though the areas inside Security tend to be a bit more comfortable. (Depending on your destination, the security checkpoints often don’t open until just a couple hours before a flight, so you may have to wait in pre-Security areas.) Downstairs in the Secure area are many rows of benches, so grab a spot and put on your earplugs and eyemask, and you should get some decent sleep. If you opt for the floor, extra layers and a sleep mat or sleeping bag make it much more comfortable – and you won’t be the only one looking for a private corner.

Here are good sleep spots that travellers have reported:

  • Pre-Security, most travellers sleep on the floor around the food court areas. (It’s hard to use seats for sleeping as eateries are open 24 hours.)
  • The Starbucks in the pre-security food court may allow travellers to stay on their couches all night.

Rest Zones

At the time of this update, there are no designated rest zones within the airport.


At the time of this update, we have not received reports from travellers related to terminal temperature. Still, you can likely expect the airport to cool down at night. Arrive prepared with a blanket or even a sleeping bag. A hoodie provides extra warmth if the terminal gets even colder.  


Lights seem to stay on throughout much of the terminal overnight, though it may be dimmer at unused gates or hidden corners. Come prepared with eyeshades or something else to cover your eyes, such as a shirt or towel.


Because this airport is busy 24 hours a day, expect noise around the clock. General announcements and boarding calls occur day and night, and there’s always ambient noise, especially near the 24-hour food court or any used gates. Come prepared with earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones.

Cleaning Crew

Cleaning crews do come through in the middle of the night. Depending on where you’re sleeping, cleaning noise may only wake you for a few minutes. If you’re resting on a bench that’s not permanently fixed, they may move the benches around for quicker cleaning – in which case you’ll need to relocate temporarily.


Freshen up (and loosen those stiff muscles) with a shower before your flight. Locations: the pay-to-use Caral VIP Lounge and Hanaq VIP Lounge, and the Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima Airport Hotel, just outside and across from the main terminal. See our Lima Airport Guide for details.

Food & Drink

When you get the midnight munchies or give up trying to sleep, you have your pick of eateries to grab a coffee or meal! All of the airport’s restaurants and bars stay open 24 hours, so choose from cafes and restaurants serving sandwiches, Peruvian cuisine, Chinese, and popular Western options.


Lima airport hotelsDo you prefer the privacy and comfort of a hotel room? A hotel is located directly across from the terminal if you would like a good, solid sleep between flights while staying near the airport. The Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima Airport is a quick stroll from the main terminal, offering day rooms between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM and spa packages for non-guests. See the hotel section in our Airport Guide for locations, or visit Tripadvisor to find hotel deals at Lima Airport.


Lima airport loungesLima Airport has a few lounges, but none have designated sleep rooms or rest areas. If you want to relax in a comfortable seat, check out this list of lounges in our Lima Airport Guide that you can pay to access.

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Security & Safety

Overnight sleepers are generally tolerated quite well by airport staff and security.

At the time of this update, we have no reports from travellers commenting on safety issues at Lima Airport. As a precaution, here are a few tips to ensure you have a safe airport sleeping experience:

  • Know Where Security is Located. Whether you are sleeping in the airport alone or with friends, it is good to know where security is. Know where their office is located and look for video cameras where you decide to stay the night. Ask security where it is safe to spend the night. They’ve probably seen many airport sleepers before you, and they will direct you to a safe spot.
  • Don’t Seclude Yourself. If you are travelling alone, we recommend that you sleep near other travellers or close to security.
  • Hide Your Valuables. Don’t leave all your mobile devices out in plain view. We have received reports from people who woke up with only earphones and a laptop bag strap, but without the attached iPods or laptops. The same goes for important documents and money. Keep these secure on your body so no one can get them without waking you up.
  • Secure Your Bags. You may want to padlock your bag to something if you are a deep sleeper. If your bags have zippers, turn the bag upside down (zippers to the floor) or sleep with your bag up against the wall, making it hard for someone to access it.
  • Choose to Stay Alert. If you don’t feel safe, drink coffee, stay alert, and stay awake. You can always sleep on the plane!

Pro-tip: If you sleep in the public zone, don’t be surprised if you receive an early morning wake-up call. Security is known to make the rounds waking people up as travellers arrive for morning flights.

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