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Sleeping in Singapore Changi Airport

sleeping in singapore airport
Singapore Changi Airport snooze lounge (photo courtesy of Changi Airport Group / March 2020)

Some argue there’s no better airport to have a long layover than Singapore Changi Airport. That might be because there’s so much to do to keep travellers busy and entertained. At some point, though, you may want to rest, so we’re here to help you find the most comfortable places to sleep in Changi Airport.

Thanks to traveller reviews, we have a collection of tips and tricks from real-life experiences sleeping at Singapore Changi Airport.

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Can I Sleep at Singapore Changi Airport Overnight?

Having a long layover at Singapore Changi Airport is common, so you won’t be alone when searching for a place to sleep. Singapore Airport is no stranger to sleepy travellers waiting for their connecting flights, so the airport has many free Snooze Lounges with comfortable reclining chairs.

In addition to the rest zones, tired travellers spread out on the many benches, couches and chairs airside. It will get chilly at night, like in any airport, so bring extra layers.

Where is the Best Place to Sleep Landside in Changi Airport?

With so many choices for airside snoozing, it’s a shame that the same level of rest and luxury can’t be said for travellers looking to have a snooze landside.

Recent reviews have noted a need for more comfortable chairs on the landside. Instead, the chairs are small, narrow and wooden. However, the landside Jewel Changi Lounge is open 9 am – 9 pm, where you can use the showers, nap rooms (for an additional price), and refreshments.

Where Can I Sleep For Free at Singapore Changi Airport?

If you need a nap during your layover and want to save money on something other than an expensive lounge, check out the Snooze Lounges throughout the airport. You’ll find them here:

  • Terminal 1, Airside: Transit East, Level 3.
  • Terminal 2, Airside: Oasis Lounge, Transit North Pier, opposite Gate E1, and Sanctuary Lounge, Transit North Pier, opposite Gate E5.
  • Terminal 3, Airside: Snooze Lounge, Transit North Mezzanine, next to Singapore Food Street.
  • Terminal 4, Airside: Snooze Lounge, Departure Transit, Level 2M.

Are There Showers Available?

If you want to freshen up from your nap, head to one of the shower facilities airside at Changi Airport. Shower facilities are located in pay-to-use lounges and spas, including:

  • Terminal 1, Airside: Airport Wellness Oasis and Plaza Premium Lounge.
  • Terminal 2, Airside: Ambassador Transit Lounge, TranSpa, and Spa Express.
  • Terminal 3, Airside: Ambassador Transit Lounge and Be Relax Spa.

For more details, check out our Singapore Changi Airport Guide.

Is There Anything Open 24 hours?

Sleeping in an airport overnight can be a one-way ticket to the midnight munchies. Luckily, you won’t stay hungry at Singapore Changi Airport, which has plenty of 24-hour eateries and food concessions. Each terminal has 20 or more eateries and cafes open 24 hours, both landside and airside.

Are sleep pods available?

Back in 2020, a reader told us that sleep pods were available in the Terminal 1, Arrivals hall. We never heard anything more about it, so we don’t have more details. If you know, you can click here to send us more information.

Can I sleep in one of the lounges?

A few lounges have nap rooms for an additional cost over and above the lounge entrance fee.

Is there a Hotel Inside Changi Airport?

If you prefer the comfort and privacy of a hotel room and don’t want to leave the airport, you are spoiled for options! Transit travellers can access one of 3 transit hotels depending on your location: Aerotel Transit Hotel and two locations of the Ambassador Transit Hotel (Terminal 2 and Terminal 3). Rooms are rented in 6-hour blocks. The YotelAir Hotel (Landside) offers comfort with modern amenities (rain shower en-suites, etc.). A skywalk connects Terminals 1 and 3 to Crowne Plaza. Additional hotels are located nearby. See the hotel section in our Airport Guide for locations, or visit Tripadvisor to find hotel deals at Changi Airport.

Is it Safe to Sleep at Singapore Changi Airport?

We’ve not been informed of any safety issues at SIN. However, sleeping in any airport can include a certain level of risk, especially when travelling alone. It’s essential to take certain precautions to ensure your safety and the security of your valuables. Here are a few tips:

  • Safety First. It’s a good idea to know where the security office is and look for video cameras where you plan to sleep. You can also ask the security personnel for advice on the safest places to spend the night.
  • Don’t Seclude Yourself. If you’re travelling alone, we recommend you stay near other travellers or close to security. This will help you feel more secure and deter potential thieves.
  • Hide Your Valuables. It’s also important to hide your valuables. Please don’t leave them out in plain view, as this could make you a target for theft. Additionally, if you are a deep sleeper, you may want to padlock your bag to something or sleep with your bag up against a wall to make it harder for someone to access zippers and pockets. We have received reports of sleepers who awoke without their phones and laptop bags. The travellers were left with just their headphones and laptop bag strap.
  • Stay Alert. It’s best to stay alert and awake if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages to help you stay sharp, and remember that you can always catch up on sleep during your flight. These simple precautions can help you enjoy a safe night at the airport.

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