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Airport Adventures: Helsinki Vantaa

Contributed by Maria

I saved lots of money while sleeping at the

"We got thrown out due to some misunderstanding at home and so me and my boyfriend had to look for a place to stay for 9 days. Thats easier said than done in Finland! I asked for help from all my friends and relatives, but none could give us a place to stay.

We decided to come to Helsinki-Vantaa airport near the capital city of Finland (the bus to the airport is cheap) and we were surprised to see how clean, calm and safe it was! The 1st terminal for domestic flights is the best for sleeping. There are comfortable benches to sleep on and theres only few people, so its possible you wont wake up until morning! The toilets are clean and theres a place to eat and to check the E-mails. I saved lots of money while sleeping at the airport. I would say Helsinki-Vantaa airport is one of the best in the world to sleep in!"

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