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Travel Adventures: Milano Centrale Train Station

by astwerty

By the time I got to the train station, the doors were

This was a few years ago, but I doubt much has changed since then. I arrived at Bergamo airport around midnight. Since I was taking the first train back to Florence, I decided to just wait the five hours or so at the train station instead of spending the money for a hostel. Big mistake.
By the time I got to the train station, the doors were locked. So, I was stuck standing right outside the train station. There were plenty of other people doing this. Most of them were sketchy middle-aged men. I was a lone 20 year-old female, so I felt very uncomfortable. One of them talked to me for awhile and tried to get me to come into his car. I just kept declining. He eventually went away.
Once the train station opened around 5am, it wasn't much better. Another weird guy came up to me and tried to give me a massage. So gross.
Anyway, if you are in a guy or with a guy, you will probably be left alone. Otherwise, I wouldn't risk it.

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