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Train Station Adventures: Calais Train Station

by Steve

when I woke up surrounded by a gang of suspicious looking Frenchmen.
- a traveller

"Taking the ferry from Dover, England to Calais, France seemed like a great alternative to taking the pricier Eurostar train from London to Paris. However, problems arise when you arrive in Calais at midnight and discover that the next train out of Calais doesn't leave until 8:00am. We had slept in Green Park, London the previous night right outside of lovely Buckingham Palace, so I was pretty tired. I soon fell asleep on the floor in a corner by the closed ticket vendors. I would estimate that I was asleep for two hours or so, when I woke up surrounded by a gang of suspicious looking Frenchmen. When I looked up, they started speaking French very quickly to each other. It took me a second to realize where I was but then I quickly retreated to the other side of the room, where my friends were sleeping with all of our stuff. Later, my one friend thought he had his passport stolen and made a speech to everyone in the train station in his broken French demanding that his passport be returned. Later, he found his passport in his backpack."

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